Aquamira Water Bottle & Filter Review

Aquamira Water Bottle & Filter ReviewThe aquamira water bottle with a built in filer is a great solution for people who want to go ultra light and still have all the protection that a much larger and heavier water filter offers.

Aquamira Water Bottle & Filter ReviewThis filter bottle is ideal for biking and hiking it fits almost any water bottle holder. What I really like about the bottle is that it fits in my bike water bottle holders which not very many bottles do.



Aquamira Water Bottle & Filter ReviewOther nice feature is it has a cover for the spout which I have found to be one of the best things about this bottle when you have been out biking in the mud and dirt it keeps your bottle clean so you don't get a big mouth full of mud when you need a drink.



Aquamira Water Bottle & Filter ReviewAquamira Water Bottle & Filter ReviewThe bottle even with the filter in side I have found it to be as light as other bottles I have used. The most important thing with this bottle is that it doesn't leak which I have found to be very common with bottles like these. But a great product for light weight backpacking and camping.



Aquamira Water Bottle & Filter ReviewThe filters inside filter 99% of bad viruses and will filter about 50 gals depending on the quality of water you are using. One thing you should do when you get home from a trip is to clean out the bottle remember you are using water that is not filtered in the bottle so even though it gets filter before you drink it some bad water can still be left in the bottom of the bottle and should be cleaned out before storing.

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