Steripen Classic Review

Steripen Classic ReviewThe Sterilpen looks like something you may find on an episode of Star Trek because of its cutting-edge technology but rest assured that this technology has been around for quite a while. The concept of using UV light or ultraviolet light to purify and kill viruses

Steripen Classic Reviewand bacteria in water is not new. This technology has been used by bottling companies and water treatment plants to purify and treat water for over 50 years. Because the technology's been around for so long you can rest assured that it's reliable. The only real new concept is that Sterilpen has made this technology compact and light weight so everyone can use it in their daily lives.

Steripen Classic ReviewTo use the Sterilpen you must first filter out as much large particles in the water this can be easily done with something as simple as your T-shirt or you can use the pre-filter that is supplied with this kit. Once you have a bottle of water you want to purify the device is extremely easy to use one click for a liter of water and two clicks for half liter more simpler it could not be. Once you are ready to purify the water removed the cap from the light click once and submerge in water.

Steripen Classic ReviewWhen the light is placed in water it will come on and only when it is submerged in water. This is a safety feature to make sure that the device will not engage unless it's safely placed in water there are two sensing rods which will keep the device from turning on until the rods are submerged in water when the device is in water all you need to do is hold it there for under a minute and give it a quick stir in your water is purified.

Steripen Classic ReviewThe question that a few people have asked me "is it safe" and simply put yes because of the two sensing rods there is no way it can accidentally come on and when the light does come on in the water the water acts as a prism trapping the light inside the bottle as it bounces around and does its job.



Steripen Classic ReviewThe Sterilpen provides an excellent alternative for people who are looking for a compact and lightweight alternative to water filters most filters require a lot of pumping to purify the same amount of water. There are other alternatives like water tablets which many people find tastes funny so they choose not to use them. The Sterilpen eliminates all need for pumping and the bad taste that comes with water tablets. A simple way of thinking about how the light actually works is think of the bacteria and germs as little tiny vampires once this light is introduced into the bottle to light destroys the DNA of any bacteria protozoa or viruses that are in the water and renders them harmless.

Steripen Classic ReviewThis version is the Sterilpen classic the small kit contains an adapter which will fit any standard Nelgene bottle, a pre-filter as well as a very cool carrying case that can be clipped to any belt or MOLLE attachment. The classic version uses four AA batteries and the batteries should not be Alkaline batteries because the Alkaline batteries will greatly reduce the amount of times it will perform and some Alkaline batteries will not even power up the pen at all so it will make you think there is something wrong with it to get the best results use high quality lithium batteries there lighter and hold more power. Sterilpen makes many versions and the other versions use the standard CR 123A batteries that are extremely light and compact and for all the guys out there who hate batteries because they can run down Sterilpen sells a cool solar charger that can be carried

Steripen Classic Reviewwith the pen so if your should run low on power you have the solar charger for a backup! The pen can purify up to 200 Liters of water on one set of batteries so you can see the device is well worth the price so compact and the
fact that you can filter so much water makes it an ideal accessory for the lightweight backpacker or day hiker.


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