McNETT Frontier Pro Filter Review

McNETT Frontier Pro Filter ReviewI have been using many McNETT products for years and this is one that I strongly recommend to everyone. When I first started out I didn't have a lot of money to buy gear. Most water filers are pricey, so I know what it's like to need gear and not be able to buy the best!

When I saw the Frontier Pro I knew that I found something that will filter 50 gallons of water and is very affordable for the person who is starting out. You can pick up one of these kits for around 15 bucks. This makes them very affordable pieces of gear for your bug out bag or survival kit.


McNETT Frontier Pro Filter ReviewThe biggest draw for me is that it does so much. The design of the filter is made so you can filter water, from any source - pop bottles, hoses or even right from the ground. It can even be used as a inline filter for your water pack or with a little doing, you can make a gravity fed water filtering system.


McNETT Frontier Pro Filter ReviewYou can use any bottle that has a nozzle like a pop bottle to drink water from. All you do is fill the bottle with water, screw the filter on where the cap would go and drink right from the bottle. Very simple and easy to use for everyone!



McNETT Frontier Pro Filter ReviewIn the kit you get one Frontier Pro, 3 pre filters to keep big gunk out and a drinking straw that clips to the end of the water filer as shown in the photo! This all comes in a plastic pouch with instructions of how to change and use the filter.



This filter has connectors for water bladders hoses, bottles and even a straw to drink right from the stream so you're covered regardless of the source.

McNETT Frontier Pro ReviewI'm very pleased with this product but it brings me to the one down side. You can replace the bite valve and pre filter. You cannot replace the main filter. So after 50 gallons you have to throw the filter away and get another one. This makes it ideal for a survival kit that would only be used in emergencies. In this case, the filter would last for years if not life, depending on how much you use the kit. But for me, I like the kit so much I'd use it all the time and having to replace the filter after 50 gallons in a pain. Now don't get me wrong, 50 gallons is a lot. Even if you do have to replace the main filter afterwards it's only 15 bucks. At that price you can buy 10 of these for the price of one reusable filer. The replacement filters for reusable ones tend to be around 50 bucks and up costing you far more money than replacing the Frontier Pro. But like I said I really like the design and usefulness of it and would like to see a fully reusable version for guys like me who would use it every day!

Of all the filter kits I have use this is the one I would recommend for a bug out bag or survival kit. It's very affordable, compact and extremely versatile and that's just what you want with a survival kit!

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