McNETT Frontier Sport Review

McNETT Frontier Sport ReviewThe Frontier Sport, is just like the name suggests, was designed for use with sport bottles that come with internal straws, like Camelbak bottles. The Frontier Sport is similar to the Frontier pro but the sport goes inside the bottle and can filter twice as much water (100 Gallons).

McNETT Frontier Sport ReviewThese filters are both BPA free and will filter 99.9% of harmful bacteria in the water. If you have ever used or bought bottles with filters built in, you know that they can cost up to 50 bucks. More often than not they are made with plastic that has BPA in it. This is where the Frontier sport is far better. You can use your existing bottles (saving you money).


McNETT Frontier Sport ReviewTo use the Frontier Sport, you take the cap off the bottle and plug the straw into the top of the filter. Then drop the filter back into the bottle (you may have to trim the straw for it to fit). That's pretty much it! Easy to use for all ages. One question I think many people would ask is 'what if the straw becomes loose?' It will never happen. The straw pushed over half an inch into the filter. It's very snug and when the filter is placed back into the bottle it's pushed right up against the bottom. It will not come off until you wanted it to do so. A very well designed product!

McNETT Frontier Sport ReviewMcNETT Frontier Sport ReviewI also noticed this can also be used as an external filter. If you have a straw or hose that will fit, all you do is cut a piece of T-shirt and cover the filter to keep out large particles then you can just drink from a puddle or stream with the straw. Using this technique you can have a very affordable filter that can be used to filter over 100 gallons of water very cheaply! Using two water packs or bags you can also rig up a gravity fed water-filtering system with just a little ingenuity!

McNETT Frontier Sport ReviewThe frontier Sport makes a very nice option for personal water filtering. If you rig up a system like I pointed out you can make it a very efficient way to filter large amounts over night while you sleep. Just hang it from a tree and when your wake up you'll have water for the day ready to go!


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