Nalgene BPA Free Bottles Review

Nalgene BPA Free Bottles ReviewAs a user of Nalgene bottles for many years I have found them to be the horse to beat when it comes to outdoor bottles. They have no plastic taste, easy to clean and very hard to destroy! In fact one day we thought we would try to do just that destroy one to see how hard it would be to break or crack the bottle.

Nalgene BPA Free Bottles ReviewWhen we thought how we where going to go about testing the bottle what we did was filled the bottle half way with juice to give it weight then we found our selves a concrete wall . Then with all the power we could muster we started to throw the bottle at the wall I



Nalgene BPA Free Bottles Reviewwill admit that this is not the most scientific way to test but it gets the job done! Well after over ten times wiping this bottle at the wall we broke it. Now I know what you're thinking how! But the only thing on the bottle that broke was the cap which floored us all. And also after all this punishment all that broke was the cap. We then checked the bottle all over and found that it was completely unaffected aside from a few scratches. This made us believers that Nalgene was one hardcore bottle. The cap was easy to replace because almost every outdoor store carries them for a couple of bucks.

Nalgene BPA Free Bottles ReviewNow I will admit that when the whole BPA or (Bisphenol A) thing came into light, I was one of the people who threw out all my bottles. But now that Nalgene is make their bottles BPA FREE and are making many different kinds and sizes, I'm back on the wagon and will be using them for ever! When we did the test to see if it was possible to break one and it took all that punishment and still would not break. Even though this was far more punishment then you would ever inflect on it naturally. That made me a believer that Nalgene bottles where the best! As a parting reminder if you are buying a Nalgene bottle and you want the BPA Free two things to look for the bottle will say Everyday on the side or just take a look at the bottom of the bottle and it will be embedded in the plastic BPA FREE so you can't miss it!

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