GV SnowShoes Workhorse Model Review

GV SnowShoes Workhorse Model Review

I've been looking forward to using these snowshoes since I received them from GV snowshoes. Now for some background on GV, they have been manufacturing snowshoes for over 50 years and also are the official manufacturer of snowshoes for the Canadian army.

GV SnowShoes Workhorse Model ReviewSo this is why I trust them in snowshoes, they've been producing snowshoes for a very long time and I like to think they got it down.




GV SnowShoes Workhorse Model ReviewThe new snowshoes I have been using are called "THE WORKHORSE" they are manufactured right here in Canada. The wide trail series have been developed for backwoods travel and trapping making them ideal for the backwoods. For this reason they are such a great choice for the outdoorsmen. The snowshoes are designed with high quality 6000 Frame aluminum and carry a lifetime warranty. These GV snowshoes have performed for me so well that they are now my main snowshoe.

GV SnowShoes Workhorse Model ReviewWe have used many shoes over the years but these are better by far over the traditional snowshoe. The thing I have had a problem when it comes to traditional snowshoes was when you were in deep snow and came across a patch with hard ice you would have a problem getting traction and would slip all over but "never again". Theses snowshoes have the answer with a very larger crampon style claws underneath your foot. They will give you all the grip you will ever need on ice and hard snow.

The claws are painted with special paint that will keep snow from becoming trapped in the claws and freezing so you don't have to keep stopping to clean them out every time you turn around which will save you time when there is work to be done. Other points I wanted to make with the new snowshoes is they are light very light. When it come to the old woods snowshoes both GV shoes weight about half of just one wood snowshoe so this means you will have a lot more fun in the woods with much less fatigue after a day of snowshoeing.

The next feature I was really impressed with was there bindings they are nothing short of fantastic made of DuPont materials and are freeze free. These have a built-in pivot that will allow you to have very easy performance and with their patent heel stabilizer they will help you keep from falling over in deep snow. When you need to backup the stabilizer will keep the back of the snowshoe from digging into the show and causing you fall which we have all done before.
The bindings work so well that they make the snowshoes and your feet feel like one unit. So this means you don't have to keep fooling around with your bindings to keep them tight.

Bottom line is theses are a very nice pair of snowshoes and performed very well for me. I would have no problem recommending them to a friend the performance and flotation was great and really well suited to work in the backcountry.

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