Nalgene CXC Ripid Fill Get-A-Grip 3 Liter Review

Nalgene CXC Ripid Fill Get-A-Grip 3 Liter ReviewRecently I found myself in the need of a replacement for my old reservoir, so I decided to pick up one of the reservoir made by Nalgene. Now I am timid in water packs because, I've been very disappointed in a few. One that I found to be very poor quality

was the reservoir from Solomon, they were very easily stained, retrained smells and even after about two weeks of use it got a hole in it, so when it comes to reservoirs I decided to get one from a company I've grown to trust Nalgene. This reservoir is far superior to any others I have used and now let's get into these points.

Nalgene CXC Ripid Fill Get-A-Grip 3 Liter ReviewThat is the ones I tend to use because they are large enough to last quite a while, but you can always fill them half way if you want to carry less. The Get-A-Grip model has a carrying handle which acts as a torsion bar to keep the pack from collapsing in your pack after its half full, and helps to keep the pack in place so you don't have weight shifting on your back to throw you off balance.

Nalgene CXC Ripid Fill Get-A-Grip 3 Liter ReviewNalgene CXC Ripid Fill Get-A-Grip 3 Liter ReviewSome of the features in this Nalgene CXC Ripid Fill Get-A-Grip 3 Literreservoir are so good, and are what I would think would be must have features in a reservoir. But many companies don't add them to their Models, like the Nalgene reservoirs have a coil lanyard in the cap that will keep you from dropping your cover and getting it dirty or losing it all together. The handle was one point I was concerned about whether it would be secured to the pack good enough, or that it would hold the weight of the reservoir well it was full but it does and beautifully!

Nalgene CXC Ripid Fill Get-A-Grip 3 Liter ReviewNalgene CXC Ripid Fill Get-A-Grip 3 Liter ReviewAnother feature I really liked was the quick release at the bottom of the reservoir, but I didn't like that you had to take the reservoir out to get at it. I feel it should have been at the bite valve so you could take the valve off and attach the tub to a water filter, so you can fill the pack without taking it out of your backpack. The bite valve is far better than any others I have used, the design allows you to seal up the tube and give it a quick twist, this makes sure there that there is no drippage from the valu,e like I have had with many others I hated this because look like you have been drooling on

Nalgene CXC Ripid Fill Get-A-Grip 3 Liter Reviewyourself all day which I can do without haha. Near the bite valve is a ideal magnetic clip that holds the valve in place very securely till it's ready to be use. And the other end of the clip can be placed on any pack strap so there is no moving around which is truly great. All in all this entire reservoir is far better than any I've used and I would not hesitate to get others in the future!

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