Gorilla Tapes And Glues Review

Gorilla Tapes And Glues ReviewDuct tape is a must have when it comes to survival and survival kits. every kit I have ever made or have has some form of duct tape in it. I have use duct tape for a great many years but never have I seen such a high quality or durable tape like Gorilla puts out. I used some of the best duct tape money can buy and even the cheap stuff as well as the so called mil spec tape or 100 mile an hour tape all are crap compared to Gorilla tape!

Gorilla Tapes And Glues ReviewThis tape has some of the best holding ability I have ever seen and is 10 times as strong as mil-spec tape the adhesive that is used on the tape is so strong that even when you get the tape stuck to your fingers it's hard to take off and will even hold on porous surfaces like bricks. I was working with some stuff and had to put a piece of this tape on my lip to hold it till I had time to move something but when I went to take it off I almost took my lip with it!

As far as tape goes there is NO duct tape better then Gorilla tape period believe me I have used them all and 99% of the ones on the market can't even come close to the performance and durably of Gorilla tape I have used the tape to attach stuff to cars, backpacks to make shelters and just about anything you can think of and Gorilla works the best as far as tape goes and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants quality tape for around the house or for there kit!

Gorilla Tapes And Glues ReviewNow for their glues they make many kinds wood, white, super glue, epoxy, and I have used them all and I would use no other when it comes to tape or glue this is the brand for me I have glued chairs, Xboxes, tables! I have use this glue on it and as long as you stick to the instructions you will have excellent luck especially the Super glue this is one of my favorites Super glue I recently bought super glue and it was a disappointment compared to Gorilla's glue!

Super glue can be very dangerous but in the right hands it's the do all glue you can use it on almost any surface and it will hold even skin it's not recommend by the companies but super glue can be used to close small cut very well in fact I have dry hands and they tend to crack open some times which can be very painful but take a very small amount place it on tack or some small piece of steel like a needle and apply to the crack and hold it close and in 30 seconds its good as new I don't recommend people try this because if done incorrectly you can glue your hands together or worse and I also don't recommend that you use it on deep cuts because form the research I have done it can irritate the skin so if you try it I hold no responsibility for you doing something stupid!!!

But if you take your time and you are careful and only use it were skin has cracked and has not started to bleed real bad it can save you allot of pain bottom line here is Gorilla tape and glues are fantastic and are the only ones I buy because as a person who is not rich I don't have tons of money so when I spend my money I want to buy the best I can find and when I do find the best I like to tell the rest and that's you! Save your money and traveling to find the best and get Gorilla glues and tapes Oh and by the way there tapes tend to be half the price of other brands of duct tapes so how can that hurt!

   To Check out gorilla glues and tapes go to www.gorillatough.com