Source WXP & WIDEPAC Water Hdration Systems Review

Source WXP & WIDEPAC Water Hdration Systems ReviewI like most people have used water hydration system for a great many years because of their light weight and ability to carry large loads of water. The kinds I have use are platypus, camelbak, nalgene, and Solomon each hydration system had its own things that made it great but the two Source packs we reviewed in this review where the WIDEPAC and the WXP and both packs are 3 liter and nearly identical except for the WXP has a additional filling cap so you can fill it ether by taking the cap off or by opening the top slot cover this allows you to use the MXP in packs like camelbaks and any pack that has the external cap exposed for easy filling.

Source WXP & WIDEPAC Water Hdration Systems ReviewThe fact that Source takes all the best features from all of the other packs and makes one really great water system gives you a lot for your money.




Source WXP & WIDEPAC Water Hdration Systems ReviewThe first feature is the ability to open the pack right up to clean it. I have seen this with Platypus but Source has them beat. The Source pack has a totally superior closer design where you fold the top over a bar then you slide a locking cover bar into place to secure it. Unlike Platypus who has a ziploc like system which is very hard to close and takes forever to make sure it will not leak.

Source WXP & WIDEPAC Water Hdration Systems ReviewThe next feature is the quick release system that allows you to disengage hoses and valves with the click of a button this is something I have seen on Nalgene but source has added a similar system to their bladder. A feature you will find on Nalgene and camelback is a screw off cap so you can fill the pack and it has a retaining cord so you don't lose it and Source has also added this to their design.

Source WXP & WIDEPAC Water Hdration Systems ReviewNow I know you can find all these on other bladders systems but the Source hydration systems are the only ones that I have seen who have them all in one you get all the great features of many different systems but in a total package for around the same price. If you're like me and you say all the time I like "that one but I wish it had this thing from another pack" well finally there is a product that takes the best features from many different packs and incorporates it into what I thing is one outstanding hydration system.



Source WXP & WIDEPAC Water Hdration Systems ReviewAlthough Source take similar features and roll them all into one to create one fantastic hydration system they have some features that set them apart as well like the water bladder has a marking indacaters to tell you how much is in the pack so there's no more guessing. The material that the bag is made from it's what they call "Glass like" and it's a type of material that is very slick and easy to clean even if you use water mixes like Gatorade you will have no problem getting smells or dried mix out of this pack.



Source WXP & WIDEPAC Water Hdration Systems ReviewThe Source hydration system have so many features that set them apart and ahead of their competition it's not funny like there cap for the mouth piece now it doesn't seem like much but it's a big deal when you have been biking threw mud and your cover including the mouth piece. Their mouth piece cap covers over and locks keeping dirt from getting on the mouth piece so you don't get a mouth full of mud when you try to drink form it the design of the closer is far better its secure and fast to open and close unlike others I have used that take forever to make sure their secure.

The feature I would have to say I liked the most is that you can open the bag up and really get in there to clean it out. This way you don't have to bring special tools or any gadgets along with you for cleaning your hydration system. Now one thing I want to address is some people have had trouble drying there packs not just this one but any one with the full opening bag all you need to do is take a small two inch piece of something and put it in the bag so it holds it open till it dries best way is to hang it up with a piece of cardboard that you have taken and bent into a zig zag design this will keep it open and can be thrown away after use.

The bottom line with Source packs is they take the best of all packs on the market and roll them all into one great water system well still putting their twist on it which I would have to say for the money they are the top brand I have used when it comes to hydration systems and I would strongly recommend them!

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