Teachersource bottle preforms Review

Teachersource bottle preforms ReviewFor awhile now these little bottles have been coming on the market all over some come in different colors and some have fancy tops but me personally I like the clear so you can see what's in them at a glance. Now let's get into what these really are some companies call them keep2go and many have different names for them but the only thing that sets all them apart form these are fancy tops. As you know I try to give you the best options at the cheapest price so here it is!

Teachersource bottle preforms ReviewNow I will tell you what they are unlike most people who try to hide what they are or try to make them out to be more fancy then they are so they can charge you more for them and I know I am going to make enemies for tell the truth about them HaHa. But simply they are 2 Liter pop or soda for our USA fans bottle performs. Simply put they are the performs or blanks that are used in molds to make pop bottles in this blank form there very thick and next to impossible to destroy making them ideal for storage of small important items.

Teachersource bottle preforms ReviewThese little bottles also come with standard tamper proof bottle tops same ones found on your pop bottles when you buy them from the store. They can be placed on the top of the bottle then once they are screwed down tight they can't be taken off unless you break the seal. If you're just putting something like a fishing kit in it and don't need the seal I recommend that you just use a old pop bottle top and keep the ones with the unbroken seals for important things.

Teachersource bottle preforms ReviewThe most important thing I wanted to point out is these bottles can be found all over but at most shops they can run you $1.50 for one to $6.00 bucks for two which I think is crazy. The place where I got mine is called www.teachersource.com why I get them here is simples they have packages of them 30 for $18.00 bucks and that works out to around 50 cents apiece which is much cheaper than most shops sell them for and 30 will give you all you need for tasks and even for friends.

Teachersource bottle preforms ReviewThe next question you may ask what can I use them for well you can fit 3 CR123 batteries or 2 AA batteries in one giving you waterproof storage for batteries. Surefire flashlights have a storage container that can hold six batteries in one package for 20 bucks but using two of these bottle performs allows you to store the same amount for a dollar and I don't care how you slice it that's a whole lot cheaper for waterproof storage!

Other uses are as secure storage for spices, cooking oils or sauces and even as storage for small kits like fishing kits. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these I have even see people use them as small bottles to hold a pencil and paper for GEOcaching so you can see they are very useful no matter what you're doing and I recommend people pick some up from www.teachersource.com and save a ton of money in the process!

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