McNETT Camo Form Camouflage Wrap Review

McNETT Camo Form Camouflage Wrap ReviewCamo Form is a new product from McNett. I will be perfectly honest it's not one I would of thought about but after using it I found the wrap remarkably useful!

McNETT Camo Form Camouflage Wrap ReviewThe best thing - it doesn't stick to anything but itself. When you're putting it on knives, tools, guns and gear you don't want to damage it like tape would! The wrap works similar to medical wrap that's used for wrapping arms and legs. This product can also be used the same way to camouflage bandages in the field.



McNETT Camo Form Camouflage Wrap ReviewThe Camo Form comes in many colors and patterns giving you many options for camo regardless of the terrain. It's very light, a roll weights nearly nothing but gives you 12' at 2" wide to camouflage anything you own. The best thing is it comes off in seconds so you can change it out or remove it all together without damaging your gear or leaving sticky particles behind that will pick up everything but money I.E dirt!

Another bonus to using Camo Form is the grip. So not only can Camo Form camo up your gear, it makes it grippier and easier to handle. I found the wrap works best when it comes to tools like knives and axes. A better grip allows for easier use while still allowing me to remove it when not in use or to dry out the gear after a long day in the rain!

McNETT Camo Form Camouflage Wrap ReviewMany guys have told me that they would like to camo up gear but they don't want to paint it because paint has the tendency to get into every crack and can be a pain to clean. The Camo wrap would be the ultimate option for quick camouflaging in the field while still giving you the option to change it out quickly for different environments (as snipers need).

Although this product comes in many camouflages that are great, there is one missing - MultiCam. I'm not a rich guy and I can't go out and buy a different camo for each weather condition and terrain. I like to use MultiCam because it works in all environments well and allows you to save money by not having to buy the same kit over and over. This product is very useful and I would love to see it in MultiCam!

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