Snugpak Thermalon Liner Review

Snugpak Thermalon Liner ReviewThere's not much to say about this it's just a liner, which is square and has a draw string at the top. It comes in desert tan, olive and black. But one thing I can say about the liner is that it really works. By placing the liner between your

Snugpak Thermalon Liner Reviewhands, you can feel the fabric heat up when it's in your sleeping bag it will do so also. This can considerably increase your warmth and it only ways 14oz, and the pack size is 9x 5 inches.

One thing I must say is that snugpak has done a great thing with the stuff sack, they have replaced the bottom of the sack with a mesh that will allow you to stuff the liner in without getting an air bubble at the bottom, I have never seen this before but love it!

Snugpak Thermalon Liner ReviewI use this liner in my Bug Out Bag for two reasons, one it doubles my tempture raiteing for my sleeping bag, adding a whole season to the bag, so I can use a 3 season bag and by adding the liner I have a 4 season bag. It can also be used as a sleeping bag by it's self in the summer, giving you a added option incase you need a second sleeping bag in warm weather, so you have two bags at all times that you can fall back on!

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