Snugpak Merlin Sofie 3 Review

Snugpak Merlin Sofie 3 ReviewWe are happy to bring you reviews on some sleeping bags we've been sent by Snugpak and Proforce equipment. If you ever been on any forum or blog you have seen these bags. They are very popular for many reasons, for there small pack size and the fact that you get a lot of warmth for the thickness of the bags.

Weight: 900 grams
Packsize: 16x16cm (fully compressed)
Temp: Comfort 5°c Low -0°c
Colours: Black, Camouflage, Desert Tan, Olive, Red

Snugpak Merlin Sofie 3 ReviewThese bags have many features which set them apart form other commercial bags. One is there unreal compressed size. The first one we will be talking about is the Merlin 3 one of Snugpak smallest bags, but is not small on features these bags have a lot of warmth for the size.

Another feature I've found with this bag is a nice webbing like strip which runs the full length of the zipper so that it will stop the zipper form catching on the bag. This feature comes in really handy when you're half awake at night and you need to go to the bathroom ASAP. This is when I find most people rip there bags.

Snugpak Merlin Sofie 3 ReviewOther features is the fact that this bag has hanging loops for hanging the bag on a tree or a hanger when it's not in use or wet. Most people own sleeping bags but few know that they need to be stored a certain way, hanging not in the stuff sack, because being compressed all the time for many months sometimes years can destroy the loft in the bag (loft is the puffiness what traps in hot air and heat). You must store your bag ether hanging up or open to allow it to expand and retain the loft. I store mine in a closet like you would a pair of dress pants, draped over a hanger in the back.

Some people who are like me and hard on gear, will like the fact that the Merlin 3 has a reinforced foot box to help keep it from ripping around your feet which I have done in the past. This is also done so that you can wear your army boots right in the bag incase you need to get out and go fast!

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