Snugpak Softie Elite 3 Review

Snugpak Softie Elite 3 ReviewThe snugpak softie elite 3 is the only sleeping I've found with the EPS system. The baffle that can be unzipped to allow you to expand the softie elite 10 inches in width. This is a very big deal when it comes to very cold nights, it allows you to get more width so you can wear a big coat in the bag or other clothing for warmth!

Snugpak Softie Elite 3 ReviewThe PARATEX MICRO outer shell is breathable and wind proof as well as very fast drying .The rang of this bag is to -10c so it would be well suited to colder falls and spring trips. You can also do what I do and add the Fleece liner from snugpak this will add a whole season to your bag and in this case taking my 3 season bag to 4 season so it can be used all year around!


Snugpak Softie Elite 3 ReviewLike the Merlin 3 the softie elite 3 is very light weight and comes in these colors As far as a sleeping bag for the military which they are marketed for I would say they are fantastic for this. Other sleeping bags I have seen in army surplus store weigh in at almost 10 lbs that doesn't sound like much but when you need to lug it on your back for hours you will feel every pound. This is where the elite 3 wins big time the weight is only 3lb and is far from 10lb.

Weight 1400g
Length 220cm
Chest 165cm
Zip Left and Right Versions available
Materials Paratex Light
Fill Softie Premier Reflectatherm
Pack Size 19 x 21cm
Temp rating Comfortable to -5°C Low -10°C

Snugpak Softie Elite 3 ReviewThe ability to expand your sleeping bag to allow you to have room to wear a jacket or sweater on very cold days or just to make more room is one of my favorite feature. Half way down the sleeping bag on both sides is a D ring which will allow you to anchor your bag to the inside of your bivvy so it will not move around on you. Other nice features is the hook like fastener at the foot. I've found these as specially helpful when your bag is wet, you can just string a line of paracord anywhere, clip the hooks to it and let it dry. No need to worry about it falling down and getting dirty. Other features is the compression

Snugpak Softie Elite 3 Reviewsack the sleeping bag comes with which will allow you to compress the bag very small and if your anything like me smaller and lighter in camping gear is a must! When fully compressed the bag is around the size of a pant can.



Snugpak Softie Elite 3 ReviewThe softie range of sleeping bags come in 1 to 5 models one is for warm weather at 2c and the 5 is for very cold areas at -20c. You can pick your model on where you're going to be using it, but remember bigger models will weigh more and be way to warm for summer days. its best to get ether two bags or do what I have and get a liner that can be taken out in warmer weather!

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