Multimat Trekker Sleeping Mat Review

Multimat Trekker Sleeping Mat ReviewI've been using a USMC close cell foam sleeping mat for over 10 years and found it adequate but our good friends at proforceequipment Sent us one of their new Multi mat called the trekker. So I decided to put it to the test to see if it is worth switching. At first you will notice that the mat has two colors so you can use ether one for the top. The mat is made of a very strong 150D Polyester on both top and bottom and feels very durable to the touch compared to other self inflating mats I have seen. Inside the mat is high quality foam that will help keep you off the ground even if your mat should get a hole in it.

Multimat Trekker Sleeping Mat ReviewThis foam will help inflate the mat and help it to keep its resiliency for along time. This mat held up really well to use and I was surprised to see that it was wormer then my close cell mat. You can also blow air into the mat to make it even thicker for when you need that extra protection from the cold ground.



Size 72˝ x 20˝ x 1˝ (1830 x 510 x 25mm)
Weigh t31.5 oz (895g)
Season Rating 4
TOG Value 3.4
Temp Range 14ºF to 112ºF (-10ºC to +45ºC)
Color Option Olive/Coyote (reversible)

Multimat Trekker Sleeping Mat ReviewThe mat comes with a great patch kit with large patches of both colors and glue so you don't have to worry if on the outside chance you should get a leak you're covered. The discharge valve is large enough that you can deflate the mat very quickly and the nicest feature is that you only need to take the straps off and the mat will unfold its self and inflate. All you need to do is close the valve to trap the air in and you're done. This is one of my favorite things about this mat is that it's not any more work to set up then my old close cell foam mat. I would say it's even easier because the old foam mat needed to be held down or it will roll up on you again.

Multimat Trekker Sleeping Mat ReviewThe trekker mat comes in at 70 inch by 20 inches by one inch thick which is almost three times as thin as my old close cell foam mat but when this mat is rolled up its half the size of the cell mat so very compact for its thickness. I would have to carry three close cell mats to get the thickness of this one. Now I am a big guy and if a mat is of poor quality I will know but this mat was outstanding in performance and comes in my favorite two colors so what more could a person ask for!

Multimat Trekker Sleeping Mat ReviewThe mat comes with a stuff sack in case you want to use it to protect the mat when traveling thru bushes and any where you may snag it. Although I am very confident that you will not rip it open because the outer shell is very strong and thick but better safe than sorry. But bottom line is I am very happy with this mat and I will be using it in place of my old one with confidence it will outperform the old one by far!

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