Snugpak Special Forces Bivi Review

Snugpak Special Forces Bivi ReviewThe Special Forces bivi or bivy is a perfect solution for ultra light backpacking or travel. The special forces model in its stuff sack is only about the size of a large coffee mug so you can carry it in even the smallest of go bags and it will provide you with a great way to stay dry in case something happens, like if you're out hiking for the day and find yourself lost or unable to get back to your car or home in time.

Snugpak Special Forces Bivi ReviewThe Special Forces model has some features that the other bivy's don't, it has a half zipper so you can get in and out of the bivy fast, and if you ever used a bivy you know how hard it can be getting out of a bivy sack in the dark when you have to get out and go to the bathroom fast. Now there is one drawback of this model, it's that the zipper is not waterproof but I will have to say they do compensate for this by two flaps designed in such a way where they over lap and keep out blowing rain and water and it works quite well.

Snugpak Special Forces Bivi ReviewSome people may think if you roll over on your side in the rain the water will run into the zipper. But the flap is curved outward to funnel water like this away so that's not a problem. I haven't had any water get in to this bivy even in the rain having the zipper on the chest does keeps water from getting in because, it runs away from the zipper and down to your sides. Some bivys have zippers on the side and all the water tends to run into a puddle right were the zipper is and that's why most will leak around the zipper but this design solves that quite well.

Some bivys I've seen weight as much as a tent and take up as much space. but this one weights very little because of the matearl used the Paratex Dry Which is a fabric which is a coated nylon and is breathable and as long as you take care of it the fabric will take care of you! If you're looking for a solution that is light, small, and breathable and can be taken or carried almost anywhere at any time then this is the best option I've found and ideal for bug out bags!

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