B.A. Standard Tarp By Crazy Creek Review

B.A. Standard Tarp By Crazy Creek ReviewWe've been looked at many tarps over the years, some from Canadian tire which were totally poor quality and some from other venders like mountain co-op the ones from mountain co-op tend to be good but after awhile then start to come apart near the seams. Then I found this one from Crazy Creek around the same price of ones from MEC but were they differ is in quality the Crazy creek tarps are very heavily reinforced and have very good taping around the seams. Near the rings of webbing use to tie down the tarp are very heavy reinforced patches with double stitching and the webbing is some of the thickest and strongest I have seen. Each attachment spot where you would use it to tie the tarp down has this reinforcing not just on the front but on the back as well ensuring that it doesn't rip threw.

B.A. Standard Tarp By Crazy Creek ReviewNow reinforcing around the tie spots is nothing new I will admit but what is new is the fact that It's so well done the large well attached rubber like patches ensure that even in high wind you're not going to lose your tarp or worse rip it in the middle of the night and have to spend the entire night in the rain "been there done that haha"


B.A. Standard Tarp By Crazy Creek ReviewThe B.A. Standard tarp is the largest from Crazy Creek and only comes in one color green or forest green as some would say. The tarp size is 120 inches by 144 inches and weight 60 oz it's a heavy tarp but you get a lot of the weight. Because of its design you can not only use it as a tarp but as a tent by attaching it close to the ground and using trekking poles to hold the center up and closing both ends like a pup tent you can uses this tarp all year around for a shelter and I would recommend this over a tent for these reasons.

B.A. Standard Tarp By Crazy Creek ReviewOne you don't have a bottom to it so there is no need to worry about ripping a hole in the bottom so it's going to last much longer then a tent next is the fact that you don't have to carry a foot print to protect the bottom from damage. And lastly you don't need to worry about sand getting into the bottom. This is important because with tents the thing that wears them down fast is small pieces of sand getting in the cracks and when the tent is packed away In your pack the movement of the pack will rub the sand like sandpaper and wear holes in the tent so you don't have to contend with things like that when you're using a tarp.

B.A. Standard Tarp By Crazy Creek ReviewOther feathers I like is that this model has 20 anchor points so you can easily secure it to many points so in high wind you're not get that wiping you get with other tarps which can rip a tarp very fast in high winds. The thickness is 210 danner and that is on the high end of the scale when it comes to a tarp some are only 40 danner and as much as $30 bucks more and I don't know about you guys but more money for less tarp is not my thing! When it comes to other tarps factoring in the size, quality and features you're looking at over 150 and up for the same quality your getting with the Crazy Creek tarp and that is one of my biggest points this one is only $90 bucks and even in Canadian money that's way shy of other brands so bottom line is the tarp is really affordable and high quality for the money and I would recommend anyone who is looking for a quality tarp at a price you can live with I would check them out !

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