Integral Tactical Tarp 2 Review

Integral Tactical Tarp 2 ReviewThere is one piece of kit I've been looking for and that is a quality nylon ripstop tarp. There's a ton of tarps out there, but not great quality.

Length: 10 ft (3m)
Width: 8 ft (2.45m)
Packed Size in stuff sack 7" long x 4.5" diam
Capacity: 2 - 3 person
Colors: Woodland, MultiCam, Coyote

Integral Tactical Tarp 2 ReviewI wanted a tarp in camo or Multicam (which is the best camo in my opinion). 'Many ask why you need a camouflage tarp?' It's my personal preference because camo works for camping and in situations where you don't want to be seen. My father had a saying: 'what people don't see, they don't want'. Over the years, I have found this to be true after many people I know have setup camp only to come back and find that someone has walked by their camp site and have taken all their gear. If the camp wasn't so easily seen, these lowlifes would have just gone by and never taken it!

Integral Tactical Tarp 2 ReviewI like to keep my gear hidden. If I have to leave the campsite for a spell I know my gear will be there when I come back. Another scenario: should you become injured and can't carry your gear out, having tarps and gear that is in camo makes it easy to hide and come back for after you get help!






Integral Tactical Tarp 2 ReviewMulticam tarps have only been available for a few years. They started making light weight coated ripstop nylon in this camo. This model of tarp comes in a number of camouflages such as Woodland and Coyote and like this one we used in the review Multicam.






Integral Tactical Tarp 2 ReviewThere are a ton of poor quality tarps out there so you need to watch out. This is one reason why I went with one of the top companies in the world for lightweight tarps and quality camping gear. Integral Tactical Brand used to be the tactical branch of Integral Designs. Tactical gear has become popular amongst everyone these days. It turns out everyone from Special Forces, the common camper and outdoor enthusiast is using it.

Integral Tactical Tarp 2 ReviewIntegral Tactical Brand set out to focus on making tactical products that we all love. Integral Tactical Brand is a Canadian company and their products are made in Canada. No ordering from overseas or the USA - which saves you money, and supports local business to boot.



Integral Tactical Tarp 2 ReviewThe Tarp 2 is 8 ft by 10 ft. Light weight (about the size and weight of a full canteen) with top quality coated ripstop nylon and Multicam. The Tarp 2 is going to last a very long time with proper care. This tarp comes with features you're not going to find with cheaper ones: true ripstop nylon. I know it doesn't seem like much but if you have ever used tarps before that were not ripstop you know what I'm talking about. Ripstop nylon is sealed in small squares that will stop it from ripping any more than the initial tear. If you get a tear in the fabric it's not going to rip all the way across and is far easier to repair.

The Tarp 2 is designed with 16 lightweight nylon tie-outs that gives you a full range of rigging setups. and You can use this tarp for everything from a vestibule for your tent, to a kitchen or even a tent its self. I have used it for all of these and it makes an outstanding kit accessory that I would never leave home without!

Integral Tactical is also a company that does small batch production runs that ensure you're going to get the highest quality possible when you buy a product from them!

Integral Tactical is a company i really like and strongly recommend for outdoor gear so check them out!

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