Catoma Combat Tent II Review

Catoma Combat Tent II ReviewIf you're looking for a two-person tent for an affordable price, the Combat II will fit the bill. Designed to handle two people, this tent is based on the Marine combat tent used by the USMC.

Catoma Combat Tent II ReviewThe combat II is ideal for base camp. Why base camp? Its weight comes in at 8.75 lbs, which is probably more tent than you want to be using for hiking and trekking! Most of the weight is in the very durable rain fly. The rain fly is thick and has heavy-duty zippers. The Catoma Combat Tent II has three poles for added stability, where most tents only have 2 - they can't be used in high winds like this one can. A good point to the weight: the heaver it is, the more it can withstand. That's why this tent can hold up to all 4 seasons.

Catoma Combat Tent II ReviewWith the combat II you're getting a full-featured tent. It has two doors, two pockets inside (for your gear) as well as a large netted shelf that hangs overhead, making it the ideal place for things like flashlights. Although this tent doesn't have much netting, it does get lots of ventilation because of the two large doors that are fully netted. This gives you a full pass-through of air when you need ventilation and works very well if you angle the tent into the wind. The material the tent is made of is very permeable to moisture so you're not going to get condensation on the inside of your tent that can drip down in the middle of the night!

Catoma Combat Tent II ReviewOne of my favorite things about the tent is that you're not going to spend all your time threading tent poles. Catoma has incorporated a hook/snap system that allows you to lash the tent to the pole when it's standing. This not only diminishes the chance of tearing the tent while putting the poles in, but it also makes setup much faster. I was able to setup this tent in less than 10 minutes - by myself. This hook system for the poles is one of the things that made me not mind the extra weight.

Catoma Combat Tent II ReviewIf you're a hunter, you will probably like some of the added features. The rain fly and floor is waterproof to 3300mm of rain so long term stays in the woods are possible. Depending on the terrain, the rain fly can also be reversed from Olive drab to Sand tan for camo.



Catoma Combat Tent II ReviewCatoma Combat Tent II ReviewFor me there is one feature I have never seen in a tent. The tent is treated with a material called BuzzOff, which helps to reduce the amount of bugs around your campsite and in your tent. In humid, hot summers, we can use all the help we can get!

Catoma Combat Tent II ReviewThe ideal user for this tent would be the guy who needs to stay out long-term and has means to carry the tent by bike or vehicle. Unless you're ripped and prefer to carry it - then by all means, be my guest. I say it's best to carry by vehicle. It weights nearly 9LB and that kind of weight can be very heavy hiking for long periods for most people, but if you're capable, then this is a non issue!

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