Catoma Woodland Green EBN Review

Catoma Woodland Green EBN ReviewThe Catoma EBN (which stands for Enhanced Bednet System) is an upgraded version of their popular BedNet. The EBN has one thing that the standalone bed net doesn't have, and that's a full rain fly which is why it's enhanced. Catoma has taken the BedNet and added a rain fly due to high demand, as so many soldiers were taking the BedNet from their bunks into the field that Catoma designed a version just for this purpose.

Catoma Woodland Green EBN ReviewThe BedNet was designed to be used in conjunction with an army cot to provide light weight protection from bugs. But the new EBN gives you the ability to also use it in the field as a full shelter.




Catoma Woodland Green EBN ReviewWhen you get the EBN it comes in a 1 foot square pack, which is about 4 inches deep. This has 4 binding straps on the outside of the case that allows you to attach the EBN to any MOLLE pack or bag with very little effort. This brings me to my favorite part of the EBN: have you ever been on a long hike or trip where you've said, "I wish that tent would just set itself up so I can go to bed!" I know I have! Well you're in luck because the EBN does just that! Once you take the tent out of the storage bag you will be holding a spring-loaded ring, which is the tent. All you do is take off the retaining strap and toss it on the ground and the EBN deploys into a full tent in less than a second! The only real work that has to be done is staking it down and running the one pole across the top of the tent to support the rain fly, then place the rain fly over the tent and stake it down and you're done!

Catoma Woodland Green EBN ReviewAlthough the tent deploys in seconds I will say it takes a little practice to get it packed up. The first time it took me half an hour to get it packed right. But once you learn the little tricks involved with packing the tent it becomes easier and easier and now I can do it very quickly without any problem!


Catoma Woodland Green EBN ReviewOne of the concerns I had with the tent was how durable would it be? It's under tension when stored and I thought that it might not hold up to use, but it's been great! Every time I have deployed this tent it's worked just like it did the first time.



Catoma Woodland Green EBN ReviewThe EBN can be a little bulky to some, but not to me since it can be attached to the outside of my MOLLE pack plus the fact that it sits flat, not rolled up. This actually makes it less bulky than other tents and when it's on the back of your pack it leaves room for your sleeping bag and bed roll to be attached to the straps on the bottom of the pack rather than having to find a place to strap them. I feel that because the EBN folds up so flat (at only 4 inches deep) it's a big selling point, allowing you to pack it in places where a conventional tent cannot, like on the inside of a pack or even under a car seat.

Catoma Woodland Green EBN ReviewWhat you get with the tent is a McNett field repair kit that contains patches, a clamp that is used for these special tent poles in case you should break one, SeamGrip and an applicator brush to help seal up any tears and patch holes. There is something you get with Catoma tents that I've not seen with other tents and that is quality tent pegs. These pegs are not made from cheap heavy metal, they're made from lightweight aluminum similar to what is found in arrows but stronger, which are great for staking down your tent and since they weigh very little they don't weigh you down.

Catoma Woodland Green EBN ReviewThe ideal conditions for this tent are light rain and areas where a person is more likely to run into hot weather rather than rain. The fact that the tent is made almost full netted, makes it ideal for hot weather where ventilation is more important than waterproof. Now don't get me wrong, this tent is water-resistant with a full bottom and fly that is rated for 1200mm PU and is ideal for summer camping but for me I would just want to use one of Catoma's heavier tents for foul weather.

The fly is designed so that it has three vents that can be opened to provide better venting in bad weather – these are more vents than other tents I have seen in this class.

The EBN is a very good option for lightweight bivi-like shelter; it's comparable to MSR tents that are twice the price. So if you want to save some money and still get a tent that can even hold up to hard use by the US Army check out Catomas – they will not disappoint!

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