Trek Light Double Hammock Review

Trek Light Double Hammock ReviewThe Trek light hammocks are the unlimited solution when it comes to light weight gear because of the parachute material use in their construction. Parachute nylon is very strong but weighs very little making it an ideal material for hammocks.

This model I've been trying out is the Double model, designed to hold up to 400 LB and has a length of 10 feet, width of 6 and a half feet giving you a hammock that is large enough for you and gear or a friend.



Trek Light Double Hammock ReviewTrek Light Double Hammock ReviewOne thing you will find with this hammock that you don't see with most is its durability. Most hammocks are double stitched but the Trek Light is tripled stitched for added durability and it can withstand a lot of weight. I had two people in this one and it carried the weight easily!


Trek Light Double Hammock ReviewThe best thing about packing a hammock is how much weight you save. Even thought this hammock is the double model it still weights only 20oz which is not much more than a pound! The Trek Light hammock also packs down to about the size of a canteen with all supplied rigging and gear, which greatly saves on weight and pack size if you're traveling or just want to go light and fast!

Trek Light Double Hammock ReviewWith the Trek Light you get the hammock, two s-hooks and heavy duty nylon rigging lines - everything you need to setup the hammock right out of the box. You also get the stuff sack that has been sewn right onto the hammock so you won't lose it, which also makes a nice bottle holder as well!


Trek Light Double Hammock ReviewOn a personal note I'm going to trade out the s-hooks for climbing carabineers (which can also be found at Trek Light), as they are lighter and I feel are just a better choice. You can also order eyebolts so you can hang this hammock between trees more permanently, like at a camp or camp site where you will be staying awhile, or even in your home. So Trek Light hammocks are not just for camping but can be used anywhere at any time with the right hardware making them extremely useful!

Trek Light Double Hammock ReviewSomething that has to be said about this design is that the tarp is sold separately. This allows you to buy any camo or size you want and if you have one, you can even save some money as well. There are hammocks like this on the market that come with tarps, and these hammocks can cost as much as 500 bucks. But the Trek Light setup gives you the option to buy the tarp separately and mix and match to get just want you want for less money.

As far as accessories go, you can buy netting, tarps, eyebolts and all the accessories from Trek Light so you can get not only your hammock, but all the gear to go with the hammock from one store. So there's no need to spend all that time shopping around to put together the right rig.

I already own a really great tarp and when combined with this hammock it gives me a very light weight (under 2 lb) scouting setup, for when I just want to go out and not carry a lot of weight, such as traveling down brooks and trails fishing where you can't carry a lot of gear.

The Trek Light Double hammock comes in a wide array of colors and even comes in a camo model (like the one used here). I've found this hammock very useful not just for sleeping but many other uses, like using it as a cargo net and piling all your gear in the hammock and pull it into the trees using a piece of paracord, for an easy way to hide gear if you have to leave your campsite for a while.

Because it's camo and high up, very few people would even notice it in the tree tops and it works just as well for keeping bears from getting at your food. This hammock also makes a great seat when you're at the camp site and is kind of like a recliner in the woods, allowing you to just sit back and relax by the fire.

The Trek Light double hammock is one of those pieces of gear that you will always use, whether it's at home, at the camp or camping. It has so many uses that it's seemingly endless what you can do with this hammock. For me, when it's time to go light, there is nothing better than a Trek Light hammock!

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