CRKT FLUX GO NERD ReviewAs a fellow who is into survival, Bug Out Bags and uses computers I find myself carrying small tools as well as a flash drive all the time but never has there been a setup like this. CRKT has put together one of the coolest tools for the tech nerd whether you're an outdoorsmen just backing up important files or you're a total tech nerd you're going to love this tool.

CRKT FLUX GO NERD ReviewThe FLUX is a setup of different tool sets and single modules that you can interchange and makeup any load out you like. You can also pick up a case that will hold you're other parts if you pick up other modules so it's easy to carry and store the different components until there needed.



CRKT FLUX GO NERD ReviewThe one I have used in this review is the FLUX GO NERD which pretty much says it all its designed for the nerd on the go giving you all the tools to fix computers all in the palm of your hand.




CRKT FLUX GO NERD ReviewThe FLUX NERD consists of a tool set with two flat heads and one Phillips head and this gives you all the screw drivers you need for fixing computer most of the time 90% of computers have either flat heads or Philips heads screws and it also is equipped with a LED flashlight so you can see what you're doing. On the other side of the FLUX is a Micro Flash Drive that pops out like an automatic knife then you can just pull out the drive and backup those impotent files. Now many companies have come out with the flash drive in a tool like this but none of them have put the thought that CRKT has. When it comes to tech devices anyone who has used them knows that the technology changes every day and drives get bigger and so do the files and stuff you put on them.

CRKT FLUX GO NERD ReviewWith other drives they come in 2GB size but in order to up the size of the drive down the road you need to buy a whole new one but not with the CRKT Flux the Micro flash drive affords you the ability to switch out the small card for a bigger one at any time so you have more storage as you need it and these cards can be bought from 2GBs to 16GBs giving you all you need to backing up your important files.


CRKT FLUX GO NERD ReviewNow I know what some will think yea but if I change out the card I'm stuck with the old card I can't used but CRKT has thought of this and has included in the Flash drive side of the tool a small drawer that will securely hold many cards these cards are so small that you could fit 10 of them in this little drawer so not only do you have the main one in the drive adaptor you can carry many more giving you a great deal of storage and ability to adapt to the changes in sizes in the future without having to buy a whole new tool and saving money how can that hurt ya!

CRKT FLUX GO NERD ReviewThe Tool its self is designed like a carabineer allowing you to attach it to any key chain backpack or just about anything. To remove the module from the carabineer holder you just push down on a leaver and pull this allows you to switch and mix and match the different models of the Flux to fit your needs for the day.



CRKT FLUX GO NERD ReviewNow I love this tool without question it's just a computer and outdoorsmen needs but there are a few things I would change one is the LED you need to hold down the button to keep it on which is great for security keeping it from coming on in your pack but can be a little bit of a pain when you're doing something. The need to hold down the button makes it hard to use the flashlight and screw driver at the same time and being able to turn it on and have it on well your using it would be a big bonus. The next thing I would have added is a small extender for the screw driver to allow you to get into them hard to reach places where only a longer screw driver can.

All in all I am huge fan of this tool and for around 60 bucks hell I have bought just the thumb drives that cost that and never had the upgrade ability or versatility that this tool does. So if you just backing up impotent files like your documents or you're a renaissance man like myself who is into everything I would definitely pick up one of these well worth the money!

And I have enclosed links to some great apps you can install and run from your drive to help you in your daily life!

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