Echo ZE Backup Drive Review

Lexar Echo ZE Backup Drive ReviewSome may wonder what I know about computers to do reviews when our site is mainly outdoor products and survival orientated. Well I have an extensive knowledge about computer I have built them, serviced them and even setup home networks for people along with my many hobbies computers are one of them!

Lexar Echo ZE Backup Drive ReviewNow you may ask what the benefit of even having a thumb drive is. Many people ask the question about survival or how to prepare for disasters but very seldom do people think about what will have to be done when the disaster is over and you go back to my home, where in most case the home is gone or a total disaster area. This is where the Lexar Echo ZE backup drive comes in, this model of drive has many benefits not found with most drives one, it comes in a number of sizes from 8GB to32GBs and it's very small! The drive is about the size of a penny and weights around the same, and this drive can turn a full file cabinet into something smaller than your thumbnail giving you total access to all your important documents and files even if disaster does strike.

Lexar Echo ZE Backup Drive ReviewOne of the top reasons to use this drive would have to be its size very small and can be packed away in any bag or storage container without being a pain to lug around. The size is a big point being the size of a penny and having the ability to hold up to 32GB is phenomenal and for all those people who aren't familiar with how sizing works with computer gear, simply put 32GB gives you enough space to place 8 full DVDs on one drive and when it comes to files like papers that have been scanned in well 32GB will hold around 64,000 papers providing their around half a MB which most are or smaller and will also hold around 10,000 songs depending on the quality and size and that's a lot of storage for its very small form factor!

Lexar Echo ZE Backup Drive ReviewIf all that doesn't sell you on getting one of these drives its time to pull out the big guns, this drive also comes with a full backing up program on the drive which can be installed to run backups of all your files or just the ones you pick. This program can even encrypt them so only you can read the drive in case it should gets lost or stolen. The program can even run backups every time it's plugged in without any iteration form the user allowing it to work on its own to do the backing ups for you well you do other things! A program like this will easily cost you as much as the drive itself or more and it comes bundled with the drive for free!

Lexar Echo ZE Backup Drive ReviewOne of my favorite's things about the drive is how much of it is hidden when the drive is plug-in. Most thumb drives are just that they're about the size of your thumb and when plugged into a computer they are very easy to hit or become damaged because they protrude so far from the port. But not the Lexar Echo ZE backup drive once the drive is plug-in all that is exposed is a quarter of an inch which is nothing making it safe to leave in all the time to be used as an everyday backup drive and using the software it can backup every day for you automatically so you always have a full up to date backup of system files!

The Lexar Echo ZE backup drive is one of the best thumb drives I have used small compact and easy to carry all day and it's even compatible with your MAC Windows and I've used it on Linux as well and all three systems this drive worked flawlessly but one thing I will point out is the software doesn't work on Linux but there are many free programs that will so your covered for any system you use making it a great option for a technician who is going from computer to computer installing files and doing maintenance!

Finally I would have to say I would recommend this drive for anyone who wants a super small compact drive that can be hidden or stored nearly anywhere to keep your valuable date safe from damage works seamlessly with any computer and even comes with great software so it's a fully compact Backup system all in one!

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