Otterbox IPhone 4 Reflex Series Case Review

Otterbox IPhone 4 Reflex Series Case ReviewI was sent this case from Otterbox, to try it out and see what I thought. I'm a very big fan of Otterbox, in fact I use their cases every day on my IPod and I've never been happier with them! The Reflex series is a new version that Otterbox has come out with, that is minimal size and weight but gives you great protection for your IPhone 4.

Otterbox IPhone 4 Reflex Series Case ReviewHow this is done is through Otterbox's new Reflex technology, which allows the case to flex at the point of most stress when bumped or dropped. Otterbox has made this case similar to the crumple zone in a car, which allows the rest of the car to collapse to take the impact while still protecting the inside. Where this totally wrecks the car, the Otterbox case is a little different in that they have implemented a rubberized type of shock-absorbent that, instead of collapsing like the car does, uses its inherent properties coupled with the air that is trapped inside between the case and IPhone to distribute the impact. This provides lots of protection in a small size while saving your IPhone from damage!

It's kind of complicated but simply put, they surround your phone with a shock absorber that will take the impact without adding too much bulk to your phone, making it much better for people who hate a huge case!

Otterbox IPhone 4 Reflex Series Case ReviewIf people complain about Otterbox cases, it's not that they don't protect because they do! It's that they are too bulky and most people find it weird for the first little while dealing with the size. But the Reflex series eliminates all the bulk and still provides you with great protection all around. The second thing is most cases can be a pain to get open to dock your Ipod or IPhone, and most times you need an adaptor to do this without have to take the case off. This is another instance where Otterbox has improved their cases. The Reflex series can be removed very easily in two parts making it virtually effortless to dock for charging or updating.


Otterbox IPhone 4 Reflex Series Case ReviewThere's a small lip in the back that holds both parts of the case together. You simply push down on the case and it will separate, allowing you to dock the IPhone without having to mess around with the case for an hour to dock each time!

If you don't have a dock, there's an easily accessible large slot in the bottom of the case that will allow you to charge and update the phone with any cable that comes with it. This can all be done without taking the case off, so in most cases you will be able to charge or even dock the IPhone without removing case. But it's nice to know if you do have to take the case off it can be done easily!

Now for color - you can get the Reflex series in a bunch of new colors like black/black, hot pink/black, Envy/black (Envy is pretty much army green which I really like - my favorite color!) and blue/black, so they do have a color for every taste.

All and all I really like the case, but there's still one thing I would improve. I would put a front shield on the case. As it is now, there's nothing to stop you from scratching it. But I think most people, like me, use screen protectors so it's kind of a non issue. But I feel if there was a protective screen on the front of the case it would help to keep much more dust and debris from getting in and would make a great case even better.

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