Bushnell Backtrack GPS Review

Bushnell Backtrack GPS ReviewRecently I received a very cool gadget from Bushnell most people know Bushnell for their binoculars. But recently Bushnell has started making GPS units. And the Backtrack is one of their new GPS units one of the smallest ones about the size of the stopwatch. Bushnell has taken and whittled down all the functionality of the GPS

unit into this small package. I say small package because it's about the size of a stopwatch but has many features. It has three settings for tracking car, Home, and your favorite. Among probably one of my favorite functions is the ability to act as a compass this is a total digital compass as well as a small GPS unit. T he unit has a backlit display which is a blue in color and indicators for direction, battery satellite, car, home and favorite along with a readout of distance. The outer shell of the unit is shockproof I noticed this as I have dropped it many times.

Bushnell Backtrack GPS ReviewNow for its functionality most people would think because of its size it's not going to work as good as a full-size GPS unit but that's where you're wrong. I used it many times and never found any problems with reception or accuracy. I actually tried it in the house I set the home setting in my bedroom then turn the device off then walked into my living room once there I turn the device back on and to my surprise it worked perfectly. On the indicator screen it not only gave me the direction back to the bedroom but also on the read out was distance which was absolutely remarkable keeping in mind that it was in the house not outdoors. I was under the impression that devices like this only worked if you had line of sight to the sky.

Bushnell Backtrack GPS ReviewThe thing I find would be its ultimate function would be as a little GPS unit for children you could give this GPS unit to your kid set it for the camp site and throw it in their pocket and then if they do get lost all they have to do is turn it on and it will not only tell them where the campsite is but how far away they are from it allowing them to backtrack rate to the campsite in relative safety. The fact that you don't have to have the unit on to constantly to adjust where you are and you only need to turn it on when you're about to use it saves all your battery power for when you really need it and that's to backtrack to your campsite or car. Other ideal uses would be if you're traveling and find yourself in a very large parking lot you can set it on the car setting then turn it off go do your shopping and when it comes time to return to the car all you need to do is click the button and the unit will light up and give you an indicator arrow all the way back to your car this is a great little function for all those people who can't find the car after a day of shopping because of the size of parking lots these days.

Bushnell Backtrack GPS ReviewAlthough I was very impressed with the product not only did it do everything they said would do but the accuracy and its reception work fantastically. My expectations were quite low when I received it but I must say I'm very impressed with how well it works I intend on using it quite a bit and I have no problem recommending it as one cool outdoor gadget.



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