Insight tactical H1X Proxima & Arcturus Review

Insight tactical H1X Proxima & Arcturus Review

These two tactical lights are made of Hard-Coat Anodized Aluminum and are ideal for hard use. The Insight Proxima and H2X Arcturus are impressive lights in design and functions. I real like when company's put the sharp beveled edges

on the front and back of the light this allows you to hit any without damaging your light. The proxima is the smaller of the two flashlights by Insight and only takes one a123 battery. This light comes in at just a little over four inches and is an inch thick. The small design makes it great for every day care or as a weapon light.

H1X Proxima specs

Handheld or Long-Gun Mountable (Additional mount required)
Shockproof High Intensity LED
LED Output: 80 Lumens
Run Time: 90 mins on High / 100 hours on Low
Waterproof at 5 Meters / 15 Feet
Lithium Battery Power: One 3V CR123 (Included)
Multiple Modes: Constant, Strobe, and Dimming
Low Battery Indicator
Digitally Managed Circuit to Control Output Power and Heat
Hard-Coat Anodized Aluminum Construction
Dimensions: 1.3" Head, 1" Body x 4.2" Long - Weight: 5.0 oz. w/ Batteri
H2X Arcturus specs

High output 125 lumen LED, never change bulb
Exceptionally strong anodized aluminum construction
Precision focused machined aluminum reflector
Multiple modes: constant, momentary, strobe and dimming
Run time: 2 hours on high, 300 hours on low
Water resistant to 5 meters 5.9" L x 1.3" bezel x 1" body
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery, charger included
Optional pocket clip and lanyard included

Insight tactical H1X Proxima & Arcturus ReviewInsight tactical H1X Proxima & Arcturus ReviewThe two lights both come with the same functions like strobe and adjustable high and low. One of the things I love about these lights is that you can adjust all of the settings with one hand making it great if you have a gun or tool in the other hand and can't put it down to adjust your light. All of the adjustments can be made through the tail button one click turns the light on and off. A quick double click will turn the strobe on and off but the best feature is when you turn on the light keep holding down the button and it will dim the beam and to make it brighter just reclick the button and hold and it will go back to full . This tail cap is the best I have seen to date and I real like the way its set up.

Insight tactical H1X Proxima & Arcturus ReviewInsight tactical H1X Proxima & Arcturus ReviewNow for the larger of the two the H2X Arcturus this light is just over 5 inches and 1 inch thick. A little larger but this light has a feature the small one doesn't and that is the recharger and rechargeable battery. This is by far the best light I have use for that fact. The lights battery can be plugged into the wall and charged anytime you need to which will save you a ton of money on them a123 batteries which if your ever priced them you would see they run between 1 and 5 buck each. Now for what I don't like there's not much just one thing and that is the pocket clip the wire

Insight tactical H1X Proxima & Arcturus ReviewInsight tactical H1X Proxima & Arcturus Reviewlike clip is good and does what it made to do but I am not a fan of it. And that's not a big deal because insight has made it so you can take it off just by backing off the head of the light and removing it like a C-clamp so you can customize it to want ever way is best for you.


Insight tactical H1X Proxima & Arcturus ReviewInsight tactical H1X Proxima & Arcturus ReviewOne last thing I want to point out is the great lanyards that come with these lights I am impressed with these as you can see form the photo they are very well made and can be used to carry or attach the light anyway you want. All in all I am very happy with these lights and there functions and will be using them for a long time to come.

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