Powerfilm F15-3600 Solar Panel Review

Powerfilm F15-3600 Solar Panel ReviewMay people have asked, 'what's the best way to power gear in the woods?' We all like to take long trips but many people need to use laptops, cell phones, radios and even TVs but like most electronics when they run out of power they're useless. That's where the PowerFilm F15-3600 comes in. This is a full featured,

high-grade solar panel that is even used by the military and law enforcement. The F15 is very light and portable, about 2 inches thick and 10" by 11" making it small enough to fit in any pack or bag.

Powerfilm F15-3600 Solar Panel ReviewI'd say if you're the kind of person who has to be prepared for anything from a week end camping trip to all out trouble, then this is a must have item! I've been looking into getting one of these for over 4 years, searching out the best quality for the money.



Powerfilm F15-3600 Solar Panel ReviewAs everyone knows in a disaster situation, the first thing to go is power, but most people think they're too hardcore to need power. Well I can tell you if you need to be without power long term (over a week) all the things like radios, CB radios, shortwave radios, cell phones, will have to be charged so that you can know what's going on in the world and how to get help. That's what makes the F15 so great. Small, compact and weights 3.19lb - which is nothing when it comes to keeping you in power indefinitely if need be!

Powerfilm F15-3600 Solar Panel ReviewFully extended open this panel is 59x43 inches, which is big considering its size when folded. One of the best reasons to buy a PowerFilm F15-3600 is the design.



Powerfilm F15-3600 Solar Panel ReviewThese panels are not glass and that's why they're so light. PowerFilm has developed a system where they can paint a conductive film onto a flexible sheet of plastic. Not only light but can still generate power even if the panel is shot full of holes, which in my book, is remarkable and is just the kind of item you want in a survival situation. A product that can take anything and still work!


Powerfilm F15-3600 Solar Panel ReviewAll the connections of the PowerFilm F15-3600 are designed with rubber washers and a snap lock clip so that they don't come lose when you're using the product or if its hung on a tree in the wind. The panel has large grommets at each corner so that it can be staked down or even hoisted into the air using some trees and paracord so that you can get maximum exposure to the sun.


The panels charge even if the sun isn't visible. They capture power from low light so you don't need a super sunny day it get power but it goes without mentioning the more sun you have the faster your items will charge and the more power you will have!

The model we have is the camo version. A word about camo; you never know when or where you'll need to use it. I like to plan for everything and depending on the part of the world you find yourself in maybe you will want to be found and maybe you don't. If you're in an area of the world where there are dangers out there you may need to stay hidden. This allows you to be prepared for anything! Now this is a long shot. Most people will never need to be hidden but keep in mind and what I do: 'plan for the worse and hope for the best'. You never know what the future will bring!

What's great about this model is that it allows you to charge and power just about anything from a cell phone to a car battery - giving you a total life line to power as long as you have sun! To get the best out of your solar panel it's best to complement it with a good power box. A power box is best because it acts as a buffer for the panel and will regulate the power so that your device will get a steady stream. Many devices can't handle unregulated power and can burn out the batteries. So whether you have a small power box or a very large power box it's best to have one. This way you will the best out of your PowerFilm F15-3600.

Now when you have a panel like the PowerFilm F15-3600 and a power box you have something that I think is special. You have a way to generate power without costly gas or a noisy generator! If you have ever used a generator, you know what I'm talking about. They will deafen you and many people have to move them far from where they are camping just to hear themselves think! But the PowerFilm F15-3600 and power box are a blissful zero sound option that can be used indoors without have to worry about exhaust fumes (like you would with a gas generator).

Now I'm not going to beat around the bush, the PowerFilm F15-3600 is a pricey item. You can find them for around $800 - $1200. But if you factor in never having to buy gas and never having to hear it like you do with gas generators, then this option is not only better but also cheaper. Especially with the price of gas going up all the time!

Lastly, I want to say the PowerFilm products are my choice for power in the woods. Not only are they quiet, use no gas and can even function if they're shot full of holes. But they never fail me and work every time even in very low light so they're a must-have for the prepared individual!

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