Powerfilm USB AA Solar Panel Charger Review

Powerfilm USB AA Solar Panel Charger ReviewI know what some people may think: you don't need power in the woods and we go to the woods to get away from things that need power. When it comes to expeditions and doing anything in the wilderness, power is key for most of us, especially if you run a website or business or for photographers and generalists!

Powerfilm USB AA Solar Panel Charger ReviewWe get so use to just plugging into the wall to charge up our laptops, cameras, and GPS's we seldom think, 'What would we do if we had to use this gear and stay out in the field long term?'



Powerfilm USB AA Solar Panel Charger ReviewPowerFilm has you covered with a number of products like their USB+AA Foldable Solar Charger. This charger can charge both AA batteries as well as any small USB devices. The USB+AA Foldable Solar Charger is so small it fits in the palm of your hand or shirt pocket but can be deployed into a full charging unit in seconds. This charger can be used even in low light conditions. I found this out one day after trying the USB+AA Foldable Solar Charger during a snowstorm. There was practically zero light but when I plugged in my IPod touch it started to charge. If it can start charging your items even in a blowing snowstorm with no sun in sight that's saying a lot!




Powerfilm USB AA Solar Panel Charger ReviewEven if there is very little light this unit can function but keep in mind that the more light, the faster it charges. In low light conditions it will take much longer, but it will charge.



Powerfilm USB AA Solar Panel Charger ReviewThis model works by having two batteries and acts like an all in one charging station using the batteries to buffer the flow of power to your items ensuring that they is no over charge or under charge. This is a very big deal with these products. Ensuring both the panel and the item your charging doesn't get damaged in any way!


Powerfilm USB AA Solar Panel Charger ReviewTo use the USB+AA Foldable Solar Charger its best to angle the charge to the sun by staking it down with the six grommet holes at an angle so that you take full advantage of all available sunlight. The indicator light at the opposite end of the USB slot will show you where you're at with the charging, if fully charged the light is steady red, if charging its blinks red and if you don't see a blinking light it's not charging - very simple.


Powerfilm USB AA Solar Panel Charger ReviewThis model is the military version. You can see from the photo it has been designed with woodland camo and it's available in desert, black and ACU. Many will ask 'why do you need it in camo?' You don't! But I've found if you have a camo one, it's harder to see so you can deploy it and there's less of a chance someone will see it or walk off with it, when you're leaving something for hours sometimes unattended it's a nice feature to have!

Something that really surprised me was how light this unit is, (around the weight of a power bar) even with the batteries in. It's also small enough to fit into your back pocket. It can be taken anywhere or thrown into a camera bag in case you find yourself away for an extended period of time.

I have used solar panels in the past but never have they been this light or this good. Years ago solar panels were made from crystals and glass. They were great to use when camping and in the field as long as you had a tank or truck to pull them around! Because that's right, they were very heavy and not just that, they would also break very easy and once they did they were useless. What makes the Powerfilm panels so much better is that they're made from a material that's painted onto a light-weight plastic which is flexible and durable making a solar panel that is finally light enough to be carried anywhere. I have even seen them being used on Mount Everest.

Light is good but how durable are they? I've been using them for a while now and I haven't broken or damaged one in any way. You probably know from my other reviews I'm not easy on gear and if its poor quality in any way I will break it in no time. I'm a huge fan of PowerFilm and they're the products we use to keep us running if we're in the field for weeks on end!

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