INOVA 24/7 Task Light Review

INOVA 24/7 Task Light ReviewThe INOVA lights are some gear I have seen around for a long time so I really wanted to try them out and all I can say is I shouldn't have waited so long to do so. The 24/7 by INOVA may not look like much but it packs much more than you can see. This light is a do all light and by do all I mean it can function as a task light for almost anything.

INOVA 24/7 Task Light ReviewThere is also a mount with very strong magnets on the back which you can mount to anything steel. You could attach the light inside a car trunk or truck back to see well your loading. And we all know you never shoot the deer rate beside the truck it's always takes all day to get it back to your vehicle so when you get there it's more often than not dark and it's nice to have this light on hand for stuff like that. The light also comes with 4 mounting brackets which can be mounted either with the 4 screws (that are included) or two double sided sticky tabs (which are also included). These 4 mounts can be mounted all around from the garage to beside the fuse box so that you have a holder no matter where you will be in a power outage. Next it comes with a headband so you can use the light just like a headlamp as well.Now If all that wasn't enough you also get a lanyard with a bracket on it so you can just hang it up or around your neck for tasks where you need your hands free and have nowhere to clip it.

INOVA 24/7 Task Light ReviewINOVA 24/7 Task Light ReviewThe 24/7 not only comes with all the gear you need to mount and use it but it also comes with some of the best lighting options I have seen with a tactical style light. You get 8 lights in one a low power setting so you can save your batteries a high power setting with 4 super bright LEDs for when you really need the light. There are also a 4 LED S.O.S mode and Signaling Strobe as well as a three color strobe which flashes all 8 lights to signal for help and a two color strobe for distress strobing. Finally there are two more modes one is night vision which turns on two red LEDs for reading maps well maintaining your night vision so you don't kill yourself in the dark falling over rocks and a half click from the night vision mode is a red beacon mode which has two red LEDs which flash every few seconds, so you can see this light has a ton to offer.

INOVA 24/7 Task Light ReviewINOVA 24/7 Task Light ReviewThe two red LEDs which flash as a beacon can run for 15,000 hours before you need a battery change so you can see it being a great survival light with a run time like that in an emergency. All these modes are dialed in by using the black ring, It works just like the dial on your dive watch and even has a audible click every time you change a mode so it's easy to work even if you can't see, you can count the clicks to the right setting. Another thing I want to point out when it comes to light many have used the old military light where you need to change out the lens but this light gives you all that functionality without the pain of losing your lens and having to mess around with it in the dark all it takes is a click to change modes which is very nice.

INOVA 24/7 Task Light ReviewThe battery type is also great it takes the standard CR123 batteries which are just as light as they are powerful. The casing of the 24/7 is made of a high quality impact plastic so it's resistant to drops and even waterproof if you should find yourself in the drink.



INOVA 24/7 Task Light ReviewNormally when it comes to products like this with so many accessories and functions they tend to be low quality and poorly made and I would never recommend them. But I have to say for the money you're getting a lot with the INOVA 24/7 all the accessories are top quality and function very well.



INOVA 24/7 Task Light ReviewThe light it's self has just about as high a quality as you can get and is very well made in fact I would have to say I'm putting this in my top ten for tasking lights and would strongly recommend it to everyone!








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