PrinceTon Tec MPLS Task Light Review

PrinceTon Tec MPLS Task Light ReviewMany of you guys may be familiar with small lights like this, There are many on the market but many are on key chains and can be difficult to hold and read with. The PrinceTec MPLS or (Modular Personal Lighting System) gives you that same light style but far better by giving you a mounting system that can be mounted to helmets, Pals or MOLLE Webbing and can even be mounted to your gun giving you a very light weight lighting system with many uses.

The PrinceTon Tec MPLS
BATTERIES2 2016 Lithium Coin Cell (2032 for red and Infrared and Red LED)
WEIGHT 17 Grams
Comes in Green, Tan and Black with Green, White, blue or Red LEDs

PrinceTon Tec MPLS Task Light ReviewThe thing I found the MPLS best for was reading maps on the trail when there's nothing to put the map down on like if everything is wet it's nice to have that third hand holding the light for you, well your other two are tighted up holding the map open. The best way I found to use the light was either to clip it to my PrinceTon Tec MPLS Task Light Reviewbackpack strap webbing with the included clip and when I have a large bag like a transport bag its ideal to click to the inside of the bag where it can be used as an overhead light to find gear in the dark, and let's face it even in the day time some gear bags you still can't find stuff in them without a light!

PrinceTon Tec MPLS Task Light ReviewThe MPLS comes with two clip on mounts, One for mounting to rails and the other for clothing and Webbing which I found between the two you can mount this little light to just about anything. Then with the flexible boom and the fact that you can rotate the light lets you position this little LED flashlight right how you want it for hands free operating. Another thing is I have even found the light to be great as a travel light for reading and doing small tasks.

PrinceTon Tec MPLS Task Light ReviewPrinceTon Tec MPLS Task Lighthe batteries used in this little light are coin size Lithium batteries which weight very little and even the whole light with batteries weights only 17 grams and that many seem a lot for such a small light but keep in mind some parts of this light are made of steel for mounting. And are heavy bolts so you don't have to worry about knocking this light around when it's been mounted it's not going anywhere! I'm sure you would have to break the light before the mount would fail and another upside is this little light will run up to 36 hours and has two brightness levels low and high so you can save battery life when you need to!

PrinceTon Tec MPLS Task Light ReviewI do really like the small light great for working with your hands not having to hold the light comes in very handy and it has many features that set it above and beyond other small lights ideal for navigating at night and reading maps and I would recommend it greatly and PS they even have a duel light option now too!



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