PrinceTon Tec REMIX PRO Head Lamp Review

PrinceTon Tec REMIX PRO Head Lamp ReviewWhen I first started out backpacking and camping I started out with a cheap $20 head lamp and over the years I worked my way up to a Petzl. I thought I had the best as headlamps go but after about a year I got into the whole tactical flashlight craze. Then I found myself (like most) carrying two sets of batteries. One set for the Petzl headlamp plus a back up set.

PrinceTon Tec REMIX PRO Head Lamp ReviewAnother for the tactical lights plus backups. As anyone knows, when it comes to backpacking you're always trying to ditch weight. As far as AA batteries go they do weight a ton compared to the CR123 batteries used by tactical lights. I set out to find a headlamp to replace my Petzl. I wanted something just as good if not better and I wanted it to use the same CR123 batteries that my tactical lights did so I would cut down on some weight.


PrinceTon Tec REMIX PRO Head Lamp ReviewPrinceTon Tec REMIX PRO Head Lamp ReviewIf you're not familiar with the CR123 batteries you should know they weigh less than half of an AA battery and take up less space. Their output is far greater so they are the better battery by far, but few companies make a quality headlamp for these batteries. There were a few things I wanted. One was to have a plain headlamp that was not too flashy (as so many of these lights are these days), but I still wanted a very high quality product.


PrinceTon Tec REMIX PRO Head Lamp ReviewWhen I found the company Princeton Tec I was stunned to see they were carrying just what I was looking for! This is one of their tactical lines called the Remix Pro. I chose the Tactical models not because of the whole tactical thing but because they are made for work and not for fashion. I'm a simple guy. I don't need all the flash. I just want simple colors and top quality materials. I was more concerned about it holding up to use then I was about looking good. (besides who's going to see you in the woods at night!)

PrinceTon Tec REMIX PRO Head Lamp ReviewThe Remix Pro gave me everything I was looking for. Simple construction that didn't have any parts that where going to break off. Easy to use, made with durable and water resident construction. The remix Pro uses one Cr123 battery with a burn time of 40 Hours on low and 4 hours on high. This is achieved with its two part construction.



PrinceTon Tec REMIX PRO Head Lamp ReviewThere is a 3 LED cluster which gives you the 40 hours on low and one high output Maxbright LED which will give you the most light but cuts your run time down to 4 hours. The REMIX PRO comes in three models. The one I have has a red cluster and the large Led is white (they also have green and white and white on white). I prefer the red with the white because when it comes to navigating at night the red led's don't affect your night vision while still giving you a large white led for navigating dark trails and streams. This model comes with a max output of 70 lumens while still being very light at 66 grams - which for a head lamp is very little but still gives you the output of a small tactical flashlight which is great.

The strap of the headlamp is durable and simple making it easy to use and very unlikely to break beyond being able to fix in the field. This is something you want because things never break at home, they break when your miles from anywhere! The strap can also be taken off and the lamp can be fixed to MOLLE and PALS webbing along with other gear.

The REMIX PRO from Princeton Tec is the best headlamp I have ever used. High output, low weight and the batteries are lighter than any other. That's what you want when you're carrying the thing around your head all night long - lighter is always better! The simple colors and quality is great. For around 40 bucks it has it all and the question everyone wants to know. Would I buy one? I would have to say, without a doubt, it would be my pick for a lightweight high quality headlamp.

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