Fenix TK30 Tactical Flashlight Review

Fenix TK30 Tactical Flashlight ReviewThe TK30 from Fenix is their newest and most powerful flashlight in the TK line. The TK30 has an output of 630 Lumens. If you're not familiar with lumens, I will put it this way: most small flashlights you get from Radio Shack and Canadian Tire are around 16 lumens. This light is far more powerful than most lights readily available.

Fenix TK30 Tactical Flashlight ReviewFenix TK30 Tactical Flashlight ReviewThere are many things that set tactical lights apart from store bought lights - like their construction. Common lights from hardware stores tend to be cheaply made and are in most cases only used for emergencies and power outages. Tactical lights like the Fenix TK30 are for hard use. They tend to be used by military, law enforcement and others who want a light that's going to work when you need it.


Fenix TK30 Tactical Flashlight ReviewFenix TK30 Tactical Flashlight ReviewNow you many ask why do you need such a hardcore light? Well it comes down to this: many flashlights are cheaply made and fall apart but Fenix lights are far better. They're constructed of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum which probably means nothing to most but this grade of Aluminum is low weight and high strength, giving you a flashlight that's going to hold up to a hard pounding and even being dropped. They have a far superior LED that is called a Cree, which has an output that few hardware store lights can even compare to. LED's last a very long time and one could even say they last a lifetime and are very img 2058unlikely to ever need replacing or changing. My favorite part is their batteries. They are CR123. For those who don't know what a CR123 is, it's a lithium battery that has a weight that is about the same as a AAA battery but a output of power that is 3 Volts. The CR123 gives you far more power for its size and weight. Important If you're backpacking or carrying spares all the time like I do.

Fenix TK30 Tactical Flashlight ReviewFenix TK30 Tactical Flashlight ReviewSince I started using Fenix lights about 3 years ago, they have been one of my favorite go-to lights for two main reasons:

1) They are more affordable than most lights, where you're just paying for the name and getting damn near the same light as a Fenix

2) They are well suited to the needs of the outdoorsmen. They are durable and waterproof which means dropping this light in a brook will not hurt it in anyway. I've used them in the rain changing tires, had them in mud - you name it and still they're like new. Besides a little paint coming off, they're just like the day I got them!

Fenix TK30 Tactical Flashlight ReviewFenix TK30 Tactical Flashlight ReviewThe TK30 has many modes. One is its super high output at 630 lumens for 1.5 hours and all the way down to 100 Lumens for 16 hours and three Strobe Mode settings: Hunting Mode, Camping Mode and Searching Mode. The strobe mode is the one you would use to signal for help – my favorite if you're ever confronted by an attacker. Setting the strobe mode on high can temporary blind them allowing you to escape and in this case something as little as a flashlight can save your life. The other modes are basically variations of high, low and strobe and can be set to whatever you doing at the time or your needs.

Fenix TK30 Tactical Flashlight ReviewFenix TK30 Tactical Flashlight ReviewNow, I know I have used a lot of words like 'Lumens' and 'output' but what does that all mean? Well let's put it this way: This light on high can produce a beam that is nearly 740 feet long with a beam width that is far wider than some tactical lights. This flashlight can easily light up a two-lane road.



Fenix TK30 Tactical Flashlight ReviewFenix TK30 Tactical Flashlight ReviewAlthough the TK30 uses 4 batteries with the extension, you can cut this down to two for compact carry just by removing the extension and then the light will fit into small bags. This brings me to the two down sides to this light. One is the lens. This is one of the largest lenses I have every used on a tactical light and I found it to be a little challenging to get the large head of the light into small pockets. Second, this light should be shipped with a large rubber cap to protect the light from bumps and getting the lens marked up. It's so large I found it easy to get dirt on it and things that could damage the lens. I feel it would be best to have a cover just in case. Might just be me but I want things to work when I need them so I like to keep tools as protected as I can in storage and transport!

Bottom line: when it comes right down to it, the TK30, for the money, you can't get a better light or in a more compact size. This light is the perfect thing to have on the trail when you break down or need light it's output will light up the trail and everything around you so it's easy to make repairs and fix problems!

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