Olight I10 Infinitum Flashlight Review

Olight I10 Infinitum Flashlight ReviewI received this little light from Olight and I must say I was not expecting much from such a small light but I am happy to say I was very impressed on its performance! The I10 is super compact and small at less them a inch thick and 3 and half inches in length it's one of the smallest I have used.

Olight I10 Infinitum Flashlight ReviewBut it does pack a lot in the little light like a strobe S.O.S flash and a adjustable beam just by turning the head and once set it will memorize so you will be on that setting next time you turn on the light. A lot of the functions can be turned on in a momentary mode just by putting force on the button and when you release it turns off this light is tiny but puts out 205 lumens which is the size found with much larger tactical lights.


Olight I10 Infinitum Flashlight ReviewBecause of the small size I was thinking that the beam would be very focused but it's not it puts out a nice center beam with a lot of dispersion around the outside so you can see what is going on around not just in a small area. The refractor is half and half orange peel and smooth giving you the best of both worlds.



Olight I10 Infinitum Flashlight ReviewLike all Olights this one too comes with a very nice little belt sheath and lanyard along with spare O-rings and button. I have to say I really like this little light so small you can carry it all day without any trouble and it only takes one CR123A battery so you don't have to lug a bunch of batteries around for it .The head of the light has a ring that acts as a anti roll divide so when the light is on a flat surface it's not take off on you which is a must. This like would make an ideal light for anyone who needs to carry a light with power but doesn't want one that is too big and another thing I must mention it's affordable too like all Olights this one come in at around 50 buck which is a outstanding price for all you get in this light!

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