Olight T20 Tactical FlashLight Review

pen Olight T20 Tactical Flashlight ReviewThe Olight T20 M is just another great light from Olight designed smaller then there warrior but ideal for everyday carry. The design is similar to the Fenix TK 10 but smaller but you get the finger ring or cigar ring as it's called by some. The body of the light has a great design and the size is just a little larger than the width of my hand which makes it great as a small concealable light but it's still large enough to be a main use light.

pen Olight T20 Tactical Flashlight Reviewpen Olight T20 Tactical Flashlight ReviewThis may be a small light but its large in functions the light has a S.O.S function that will let you use it to signal for help even if you don't know S.O.S the light does.. The next function is the strobe which puts out well you guessed it a blinding strobe light that can be used to blind an attacker or to draw attention to yourself from a long way off. Then there is the three setting of light high, medium, and low. The design of the refractor is half orange peel and half smooth so even though the light has a small size this kind of refractor gives you a great focused beam well still retaining a good desperation of light so you can light up a whole area not just one small spot.

pen Olight T20 Tactical Flashlight Reviewpen Olight T20 Tactical Flashlight ReviewEven though this light has all its adjustments threw its head which means (you need to turn the head to change setting) normally I don't like this kind of light but the M20 was so easy to use and adjust that I have been using it as one of my main lights.



pen Olight T20 Tactical Flashlight ReviewNow for the accessories yes accessories! When you buy an Olight you get some of the best accessories I have ever seen that came with a flashlight. You get a great sheath spare O-rings, button, and wrist strap. Usually when you buy a light and there are accessories they tend to be cheap but I have found these to be great and well made. The bottom line is this is a great affordable flashlight from Olight with everything found in much more expensive lights so for all the people that find the more pricey light to be out of reach check out the Olight T20 M it has everything at a good price!

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