Zero Tolerance ZT 301 RANGER GREEN Review

Zero Tolerance ZT 301 RANGER GREEN ReviewI've been looking to do a review of this knife since we started C.W.S but because of limitation in the amount they make it was hard to get one in. Thanks to our friends at we now have one for your viewing pleasure!

Blade Material: S30V stainless-steel with Tungsten DLC coating and Tiger stripes
Handle Material: 3-D machined, G-10 in Ranger green and Titanium back
Blade Length: 3-3/4 inches (9.5 cm)
Blade Thickness: 0.156 inches
Handle Length: 5-1/4 inches (13.3 cm)
Lock: Titanium frame lock
Weight: 8.0 oz.

Zero Tolerance ZT 301 RANGER GREEN ReviewThe Zero Tolerance 0301 is a knife I've heard many good things about but like all knives we review I wouldn't pass judgment on it till I had one to use. What I really like about the ZT 0301 is that it feels more like a fixed blade than a folder - mostly because of its size. The blade width is 1 and a quarter inches from blade edge to spine, which dwarfs any other folder I own! The blade is also 0.156 inches or 5mm thick so it's far heaver (It weights 8.0 oz). This knife is not a toy, it was designed to do work and withstand even the heaviest of use.

Zero Tolerance ZT 301 RANGER GREEN ReviewThe blade is made from s30v stainless steel which is harder and more corrosive resistant than 440. It's one of the best steels for knife blades. S30V Stainless steel has a lower maintenance factor and because it's harder, it holds sharper edge. The 301 has a tiger striped design on the blade which is coated with a tungsten DLC coating. I really like the coating and design of the blade. This coating prevents any glare coming off the blade (all coating it will wear over time).

Zero Tolerance ZT 301 RANGER GREEN ReviewOne of the best things about having a wide blade, is that you can get deeper into a cut than you would with 99% of the folders out there which allows you to cut much faster. Having a wide blade like this is a far better choice for a survival knife in case you need to do batoning or cutting thicker trees. Using this knife for these tasks was outstanding and every bit as good as any short fixed blades I own.


Zero Tolerance ZT 301 RANGER GREEN ReviewThe ZT0301 has other features you find on most Kershaw blades:

The flipper or Speed Safe Ambidextrous opening system - On the back of the handle, there is a flipper that you can pull down on with your finger and the blade will deploy.

Assisted opening - The blade of the 301 even with its size and weight was very easy to work with, whether I was cutting trees, brush or even making dinner it worked flawlessly even on smaller tasks and held a remarkable edge!

The pivot bolt - is much heavier than most folders, 2 to 3 times the norm, giving it far more strength when you really need to pound on it.

The pocket clip - is flawless with the ability to move into four different positions. You can set it up for left or right-handed use.

Zero Tolerance ZT 301 RANGER GREEN ReviewThe handle of the knife is made up of titanium (that the liner lock is incorporated into) with one side covered by a G10 slab in Ranger Green or brown if you get the 302 model. Titanium basically gives you the strength of steel, but the weight of aluminum, making an ideal material for knives. It's not used in all knives because of its cost. Kershaw has machined one of the best feeling handles I have used in a knife. It fits comfortably in your hand, whether you're using it in a normal or reverse grip. The gibing at the base of the spine is perfectly done and placed just where you need it. In the reverse grip, they have done the same on the pummel, which is ideally placed where you rest your thumb in the reverse grip. It also makes for a great textured pummel.

The knife was designed in conjunction with Ken Onion from Kershaw and Strider Knives. They wanted to come up with a heavy-duty work folder and in my opinion they have created one of the best folding knives on the market today!

The ZERO TOLERANCE 301 was a knife I was considering for a folding survival knife. I wanted something that was 100% reliable and had the best quality. The ZT 0301 surpasses anything I was expecting and is everything I could have hoped for in a workhorse folder. I would put this knife in my top three of heavy-duty folders and I definitely recommend it. I want to send out a special thanks to our friends at for helping us make this review happen!

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