Mora Knives Review

Mora Knives ReviewOne question I get asked all the time is: 'Do I need a $200 knife for bushcraft and survival?'
Well, the answer is no. There are many knives that are great for bushcraft and one of best is a Frost's MORA knife. The MORA knives are made in Sweden and for any hardcore bushcrafter they are more often than not the one you start out using because of the cost.

Mora Knives ReviewThe MORA knives can be bought anywhere from $5 to $50 bucks and as a starter knife you can find no better for the money! Mora's are made from high quality steel and come in many models from wooden-handle carving knives (which I still use today) to the more advance models with molded plastic handles.



Mora Knives ReviewWhat sets these knives apart from other knives in this price range has to be the steel. The Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel has been specially heat treated to 58HRC - which is without question one of the best steels I have used in a $20 knife. When you buy a knife for 20 bucks almost every time you get cheap junk that is nowhere close to what you need. When it comes to learning new skills nothing can disappoint faster than a knife that falls apart or will not hold an edge. With a MORA knife you get it all with one low price!

Mora Knives ReviewPersonally, I have used Mora knives for over 20 years. When I get emails with the question: 'what's the best knife for around 20 bucks?' My answer is always Mora by Frost. Frost has been making knives for more than a hundred years.



There are many models similar to the ones in this review:

The TOPQ Mora All around

The MORA 896 Fishing knife
The MORA High Q

Mora Knives ReviewYou really need to check them all out to find the one that fits your needs because they come in so many models and styles. I've found some more comfortable than others. You may want to pick up a leather sheath if you're not satisfied with the plastic one, but I can tell you, the plastic ones are more than adequate.



Mora Knives ReviewOne of the top reasons I would pick a Mora: the price. When you're putting together a bug out bag or a GEO kit, that's going to be buried in the woods -you don't want to spend a ton of money. When you want a knife that's going to work and work hard when the time comes, I would go with one of these knives.


Mora Knives ReviewWhen you're carving with a Mora you really feel that you could be using a knife that would cost well over $50 bucks. I have knives that cost far more and I'm always surprised at how well the Mora knives hold up to use compared to the far pricier knives! In case you're not sure if the Mora knives are right for you, consider this: I have used them for carving, cleaning deer, birds, cutting rope, doing bushcraft and I've never had one break or fall apart. I still carry two in my pack for doing fine carving.

Mora Knives ReviewMy two knives are over 10 years old and still work like new. Mora's are very good quality and one of the top bushcraft knives used all over the world by some of the best in the trade. If you're just starting out get a Mora!

Mora KnivesTo check out Mora knives go to the link below. They have a large selection and great prices!

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