FOX KNIVES MD TRAKKER ReviewFox Knives is a new company in North America that hales from Italy. The TRAKKER is designed to be a utility, camp and sniper knife. What drew me to the knife was that it looked like a knife that could replace the Tom Brown Tracker. I like the TB tracker but the blade design has a transition right in the center of the blade where the straight edge joins the belly.

The TB tracker could get caught up on just about everything you cut. Seems I was right on the money, after reading feedback from TB tracker owners. I set out to find something better!

FOX KNIVES MD TRAKKER ReviewThe TRAKKER is the best knife to replace the Tom Brown knife. The blade design is unlike any you've seen here in North America. It's truly revolutionary as a survival and outdoor knife. The first thing you notice is the wedge like design that allows for greater chopping ability. It also acts like a wedge to spread wood with every chop allowing for far better cutting and chopping than traditional blades.


FOX KNIVES MD TRAKKER ReviewThis blade is what FOX calls Cobalt Vanadium Stainless Steel N690Co. With a thickness of 6mm, The TRAKKER is ideal for chopping and utility tasks because the size of blade gives you both strength and weight making chopping easy and effortless. Even for a knife with 5.9inch blade it still chops great. The TRAKKER is full tang with a small lanyard/pummel at the back end of the knife. At the hilt you will find two points that can be used for lashing to polls. The points double as guards, stopping your hand from sliding up the blade when chopping and guarding your hand if you should have to fight with it. You can use the TRAKKER like an axe in a pinch.

FOX KNIVES MD TRAKKER ReviewThe tip of the knife has a Tanto point. It's designed so that it can penetrate things unlike the TB tracker that has just a belly style point. The TRAKKER is not only beveled to a Tanto point but it's also beveled on both sides making the point almost diamond shaped that adds to its penetrating ability. This is one feature I like about this knife.



FOX KNIVES MD TRAKKER ReviewAnother remarkable thing is the handle material. It's made from a High Resistant FORPRENE material that is an Elastopolymer that has high thermal proprieties from -40 to +150. It's very grippe to the touch but it's very solid as well so you're not getting any flex when chopping. The handle is highly resistant to salt and acid so it doesn't break down very easily under harsh conditions. The TRAKKER is available in both green and black.


FOX KNIVES MD TRAKKER ReviewThe sheath of the TRAKKER is a basic drop leg sheath made from quality ballistic nylon. It comes fully equipped with everything you need to mount your knife from MOLLE on the back, to a leg strap and even a belt strap in case you want to carry it on your belt like a hunting knife. There is only one negative - the clasp on the leg strap it seems to be faulty and will not lockup 100% and tends to open up when wearing the sheath. It's the only down part of this knife and sheath and this part is easily replaced for 50 cents (pretty much a non-issue).

FOX KNIVES MD TRAKKER ReviewFOX KNIVES MD TRAKKER ReviewMy experience with the FOX TRAKKER has been quite a positive one. I would not hesitate to recommend these knives to friend. They are very durable and in some ways better than many knives I have reviewed. The TRAKKER will run you around $200 versus the Tom Brown Tracker - almost double at $450. You get a better knife at a better price so it win-win all the way around. The geometry of the blade is both revolutionary and highly functional to the user so without question, the TRAKKER gets definite thumbs up.

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