FOX KNIVES MD TRAPPER ReviewThe trapper is the second knife we have used by FOX and it's been nothing short of remarkable. I have been very pleased with the design of these knives and their performance. The trapper is the larger of the two at just over 6-and-a-half inches in blade length and an overall length of nearly 12 inches.

FOX KNIVES MD TRAPPER ReviewThe blade of the trapper is very similar to the TRAKKER; it has the same geometry and features I really liked about the Trakker, but it's larger by an inch (which makes it feel much larger). The TRAPPER also has a different handle made from micarta and if you have read my other reviews, you'll be well aware that I'm very fond of this material for its comfort and durability as I feel it makes ideal knife handles.


FOX KNIVES MD TRAPPER ReviewThe handle of the TRAPPER is full tang with a nice large-rigged pummel at the back end. One thing I really like is the extremely durable coating on the blade. I did a number of chopping tests with this knife and there was no visible wear, which is impressive because most blades get at least a little!



FOX KNIVES MD TRAPPER ReviewThe blade width of the TRAPPER is just right at 5.08mm which is a thicker than average knives but an ideal size for a survival knife! The blade of the TRAPPER is also something that I really need to make a big deal about; I love tanto-style blades and blades with a belly for skinning. This knife has both a belly and it has something that most belly-style blades lack - a great penetrating point. I've observed that very few knifes with a large blade can puncture anything as most are designed for hunting and skinning. When you need to drive the knife into something it's difficult to impossible but the TRAPPER's design allows for the best of both these features and that's one of the reasons I like the knife so much!

FOX KNIVES MD TRAPPER ReviewNow for feel, some knives look great but the feel of them when in use is a different story. You need to watch for knives that have a quality handle like the TRAPPER. It's been crafted perfectly so you're not going to feel any sharp ridges or points that might cut into your hand or leave blisters after a long day of woodworking. When it comes to a chopping knife like the TRAPPER you need to look for a handle that hugs the hand to keep from slipping and the TRAPPER has it all! This knife has something for a chopper that's an absolute must and that's a lanyard hole.

FOX KNIVES MD TRAPPER ReviewI've seen some chopping knives without one and they are to be avoided. A nice lanyard hole like the TRAPPER has allows you to lash the knife in the hand for added stability when chopping and to avoid slipping (this knife is sharp and if it slips you're going to be in trouble!) Lastly when it comes to a do-all knife like this you need a little added weight. I have reviewed so many knifes that you just wished had a little more weight to them to improve feel and I'm very happy that the trapper is a little heavier - it makes chopping much easier and it also makes you feel that you have something like a tool not a toy!



FOX KNIVES MD TRAPPER ReviewAs for the sheath, I have seen many sheaths over the years, some bad and some great. Being someone who has used many sheaths I can say it's one of the much better ones out there. The sheath is made from quality ballistic nylon and this model comes with two thigh straps as well as a drop down strap, and this is something you want when trapping because you spend a lot of time on your knees setting traps and having the knife closer and easier to get to like this one makes your job much easier, and we all like that!




FOX KNIVES MD TRAPPER ReviewThe sheath straps have been sewed with rubberized thread so that when the strap is on it's not moving around. It doesn't sound like much but I can tell you, I have used knives with straps like this and without and it's 100% better to have the rubberized threads to keep the knife in place than having to adjust the sheath all the time because it's moving! The TRAPPER sheath also has threading loops down both sides, so that if you find the need you can lace it to your gear with paracord very easily.

Lastly I would just have to say that the TRAPPER was a real joy to use and if I was asked if I would buy one it would definitely be yes - it's worth every dollar and will serve any outdoorsmen well!



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