ENZO Trapper Knife Review

ENZO Trapper Knife ReviewI have never heard of ENZO knives. (They are from Finland, distributed in Canada by WorkWearCanada.com) I was intrigued by both the knife maker and the knives them selves.

Black canvas micarta
Total length: 210 mm (8 1/4)
Blade length: 95 mm (3 7/8)
Blade width: 25 mm (1)
Blade thickness: 3.5 mm
Weight: 140 g (0.31 lb)
Hrc:01 Carbon: 59

ENZO Trapper Knife ReviewENZO knives look similar to Bark River knives, but come in around 50 bucks less. I've used both Bark River and now the ENZO knives and after using both for a while I have to say that the ENZO knives are every bit as good. The only difference is you're saving some money and that never hurts.



ENZO Trapper Knife ReviewThe Things I look for in a good bushcraft knife is that it needs to be high quality steel and hold an edge for a long time, but it also has to be comfortable enough so you can use it all day without killing your hand. Some knives look good but after carving with them for about any hour you soon find out if they're any good for bushcraft. The ENZO Trapper was great. The handle is well shaped with no sharp edges and rounded to fit the hand, making it ideal for carving.

ENZO Trapper Knife ReviewI'm big on carving and besides its just plain fun, but if you don't have a quality knife made for bushcraft you will grow to hate it very fast. Nothing turns a person off carving faster than a knife that has sharp edges that cuts into your hand as much as it cuts into the wood.



ENZO Trapper Knife ReviewThis ENZO trapper is the perfect size knife for bushcraft. It's blade is just over 3 inches. It makes large task such as cleaning a deer as easy as finer task such as carving tools and parts for traps. The knife's full length is just over 8 inches. Let's face it, for work in the field you don't want much bigger for 90% of the tasks you will find yourself doing. The weight of the knife is my personal favorite part, it's not too heavy at 0.31 lb but just the right weight to feel good in the hand and give you a little weight for cutting.

ENZO Trapper Knife ReviewThe Trapper comes with a full tang blade and you can get it in Satin or Bead blasted Finish with a Scandi grind or Scandinavian grind, which is pretty much a flat grind or saber grind with no other bevels. This grind type is used in many bushcraft and woodworking knives. They give you a fine edge but it's combined with harder steel and this makes an ideal carver.

The sheath is made from some of the finest leather I have seen. It feels very soft and more like fine boot leather. The sheath is a dangler sheath. Dangler sheaths are made to hang from the belt so it is easier to reach because of the added leather dropdown style loop. You can wear this sheath in both ways because this sheath has both loops. Although dangler style sheaths are not my favorite, they do work well for bushcraft. They cover 80% of the knife and handle making it hard to lose your knife. This style protects both knife and handle form damage.

ENZO makes many models of knifes. Folders to large fixed blades and Workwearcanada.com carries a wide selection. I'm sure if there is a model you want Paul can get it in for you!

The ENZO Trapper is one of the best made knives I have used for bushcraft and the price is very reasonable. I recommend the ENZO as an everyday bushcraft knife and it would make a very nice EDC knife for everyone without question.

   To Check Out ENZO Knives In Canadian Go To www.BushcraftCanada.com