GERBER Applegate & FairBairn F.A.S.T Review

GERBER Applegate & FairBairn F.A.S.T ReviewThe Gerber Company is the exclusive manufacture of the Applegate & Fairbairn folding combat knives that are designed from the classic Fighting knife Applegate & Fairbairn. These knives have been around for a very long time and have become one of the most sought-after fighting knives on the market.

GERBER Applegate & FairBairn F.A.S.T ReviewThe design have been around and modified since the second world war when the first Fairbairn and Sykes knife came out in 1940 and over the past 70 some years the knife has be refined to bring you what we have today.



GERBER Applegate & FairBairn F.A.S.T ReviewThe Gerber Applegate & Fairbairn F.A.S.T knives are a little different than others you may have seen because it's the latest from GERBER and incorporates its new F.A.S.T technology. The F.A.S.T technology is simply GERBERs version of the assisted opening knife design, every company has their own patented tech for and assisted opening such as the SOG S.A.T which stands for SOG Assisted Opening Technology.


GERBER Applegate & FairBairn F.A.S.T ReviewThe Gerber Applegate & Fairbairn F.A.S.T is a little different than other models of GERBERs Applegate & Fairbairn designs this model has a flatter and more space age looking handle where the other models have a very rounded handle this one is flatter and I feel that this design makes a much better EDC (every day carry) because it's easier to fit into pockets and I think that's why Gerber chose to put the other versions into belt sheaths. The flatter handle makes it less bulky and much easier for pulling in and out of your pocket quickly.

GERBER Applegate & FairBairn F.A.S.T ReviewThe next feature that is far different from the other models is the lock mechanism for the blade, it looks like the others but to unlock it you need to pull down on the sliding button then the blade can be folded away this does make the knife a little more appealing because of its switchblade look, but as far as function goes When it comes to being left handed you can't see the button so when closing the knife it can be more difficult at times, but as I'm ambidextrous this isn't a problem for me but could be for some who isn't. This pull button design also serves as the lock for the blade when it's folded away which works like a safety on a pistol giving you a red dot when the safety is disengaged and ready to deploy the blade and covers the red dot when the blade is locked I find this feature both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

GERBER Applegate & FairBairn F.A.S.T ReviewThe handle construction of the Gerber Applegate & Fairbairn F.A.S.T is similar to the others with stainless steel liners but the outer material is made from G-10 rather than glass-filled nylon it makes for a different feel but I will say the G-10 handles are more grippe than glass-filled.



GERBER Applegate & FairBairn F.A.S.T ReviewThe blade of the Gerber Applegate & Fairbairn F.A.S.T is the very same blade only a little shorter with a titanium nitride coating which makes the blade look black and none reflective. The deployment of the blade is great it's fast, locks up tight and there is no play in the construction but I have found when the blade is being deployed its a little loud but pretty much the same as others I have used like the Kershaw bump and seeing that this knife is less than half the price of the Kershaw I would have to say that's pretty good!

Now this knife I want to point out is not a hardcore survival knife its main uses is for fighting and self-defense and since that's a form of survival I guess you can say it's a survival knife, but it's ideal use would be fighting and every day carry, it would be able to do small tasks like cutting rope things of that nature but if your thinking of using this knife to cut trails or build shelters it's not made for that. The blade is designed for fighting and it has a much finer edge for slicing and thrusting rather than a thick heavy edge for wilderness tasks but as an EDC I feel you would be able to do a lot of the everyday tasks you would run into in the course of a day and it would make a great EDC for self-defense and small tasks.

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