BLACKHAWK MOD C.Q.D Mark 1 ReviewWe have been using some the BLACKHAWK products for over a year now and they have been without question some of the best products we have every review but some ask what about their knives? Some people and I'm one, tend to shy away from companies who start making knives when their main products are tactical clothing and gear because they may not be as good as a company who makes knives full time.

• Blade length: 3.750"/95 mm
• Overall length: 9.500"/241 mm
• Blade material: 440C stainless steel
• Blade finish: Black PVD coating
• Edge type: Plain or partially serrated
• Handle material: CNC-milled anodized aircraft aluminum with rubberized insert panels
• Pocket clip: Right- or left-side, tip-down carry
• Optional accessories: Accessory Sheath (200)

BLACKHAWK MOD C.Q.D Mark 1 ReviewI'm here to dispel all rumors that BLACKHAWK doesn't make top quality knives! I have review knives from some of the top companies in the world and the BLACKHAWK folders like the MOD C.Q.D MARK 1 are without question one of the best.



BLACKHAWK MOD C.Q.D Mark 1 ReviewThe BLACKHAWK MOD C.Q.D MARK 1 is one of the best options for a everyday carry or EDC it has many features that make it an ideal survival knife and rescue tool. The first feature is the carbide glass breaker found built into the hilt this allows you to use the tool to break and penetrate windows and glass well the blade is still in the handle keeping you from getting cut. The carbide point sticks out just enough to be very useful and accessible but still hidden and out of the way so it doesn't interfere with the use of the knife and only adds to its usefulness.

BLACKHAWK MOD C.Q.D Mark 1 ReviewThe next feature is the V cutter or seatbelt cutter, some knives come with this grove in the handle but in order to use them you have to have your blade in the closed position and it needs to be sharp or its useless, but not with the Mark I the V cutter is totally self contained and has nothing to do with the blade allowing it to only be used for tasks that you would use it for like cutting ropes, flex cuffs, paracord, and even can be use to cut clothing and gear very efficiently and I found pretty much if you can fit it in the grove you can cut it even thick denim. One of the best features of the V cutter is unlike some knives the MARK I allows you to remove the V cutter blades when they become dull so you can put in sharp ones. This makes the knife that much better so you're not stuck with a useless cutter when it becomes dull all you do is change them out!

BLACKHAWK MOD C.Q.D Mark 1 ReviewThis version of the MARK I is the Aluminum Handle one which I really like, and the handle is very strong but I did find it heaver then other folder but I do like that, it feels like a real tool and the weight help both with cutting and using the V cutter and glass breaker. When you're cutting or prying you get no play in either the knife or handle and with the rubberized insert panels made from the same material found on the wings of aircraft for traction when walking on them, so you know this material is both light lightweight and grippe.

BLACKHAWK MOD C.Q.D Mark 1 ReviewAnother nice thing about this handle is no liner lock to play with to release the blade all you do is push a button which is about as easy as it gets and no need to worry about pushing this button by mistake and cutting yourself because it's small and out of the way by the hilt. The push button design of the lock is great but one feature you must have with a fighter folder is a secondary lock for the blade lock that stops any accidently releases and the MARK 1 has it, a small slider on the thumb ramp that slides into place to lock both the blade and blade lock so you have no worries about accidently pushing the button and releasing the blade.

BLACKHAWK MOD C.Q.D Mark 1 ReviewAnd lastly the knife handle still has a standard lanyard hole as well as a hilt that is large enough to stop your hand from sliding up the blade but also has thumb grips on both of the flat sides of the knife giving you almost a 360 degree hilt for both function and protection and it has your standard revisable pocket clip too.



BLACKHAWK MOD C.Q.D Mark 1 ReviewNow the blade your getting a 440c stainless steel blade with this model which I kind of prefer with the EDC because you're going to be using it everywhere, so some things like citric acid can mark up high carbon blades. But with an EDC I like it to be stainless this way its pretty much worry free. The final thing I will say about the blade is its not assisted opening which I really like for EDC but it is pendulum style deploying blade, so its extremely easy to open and close with one hand and every bit as good as an assisted opening.

BLACKHAWK MOD C.Q.D Mark 1 ReviewSo bottom line I'm really pleased with the MARK I and the only down side I can even find is its heaver than others I have used but once you use it for awhile its you don't even notice it anymore and like I said before when it comes down to it the knife works better for cutting and using the glass breaker and V cutter with the added weight. I liked the knife so much that I have replaces my other EDC with the MARK I so not only do I recommend it I'm carrying it now !





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