SOG Woodline Small Fixed Blade Review

SOG Woodline Small Fixed Blade ReviewI've been using hunting knives for so many years I can't even count how many I have used over the years, but the one thing I can count is the good ones. For a hunting knife to be classed as a good knife for me it needs to be affordable and made from good quality that will last many years and the SOG Woodline is just such a knife.

First let's talk about price you can pick up one of these knives for around 38 bucks Canadian and that makes it a great first knife for a young person to start out using.

SOG Woodline Small Fixed Blade ReviewThis way they can have a good knife and learn to sharpen it and all the things that come with owning a knife without having to worry about destroying one of your real expensive knives. I say this knife is good because it is for the money I have used a ton of knives around this price range and many are crap and when it comes to buying a knife I would not even look for one under 50 bucks but this Woodline by SOG is the exception to that rule!

SOG Woodline Small Fixed Blade ReviewThe sheath of the Woodline is made from high quality leather like all of the leather sheaths form SOG I have had some for years now and they are still working great and haven't come apart or even started to as long as you take care of them oil them they will last a very long time!



SOG Woodline Small Fixed Blade ReviewAlthough some have had problems with steel coming out of China with knives like this. I can tell you with confidence that I have used a number of SOG knives with the same type of steel and I've had no problems many group all steel coming out of China in the same boat but not all steels are the same and you should always give them a try when you can to make sure your getting what your paying for!


SOG Woodline Small Fixed Blade ReviewThe Blade of the Woodline is the smaller one with a 4" blade and a overall length of 8.7"and the weight is very low with this knife I have found it to be light in the hand 5.9 oz but still feels good not overly light in any way. The wood in the handle is hard wood with aluminum but I can't find any info on what kind of wood so all you know is its hard wood. On the back of the blade there is some great ribbing that you will find useful as I did when skinning it allows you to choke up on the blade with your thumb giving you more control over where your blade goes. My favorite would have to be the blade design the large sloping blade makes skinning tasks a real joy and much easier than using just a straight blade.



SOG Woodline Small Fixed Blade ReviewTwo things I would like to talk more about would have to be the blade and the sheath. The blade of the knife for a 30 to 40 dollar knife is very good it holds its edge and stays sharp even when cutting branches along the trail or doing fine task like skinning a bird and when it comes to skinning if you have ever done it you know if your knife isn't sharp it can be a very daunting task in deed.

Lastly is the sheath I really like the design that SOG has put into this sheath with the strap not just going around the handle but right into the finger groove making it a much finer and more secure hold on the handle and you don't get any slipping like you do with some lower cost knives in this price range.

For the money I would have to strongly recommend this one, its price is very low and your getting not just a quality sheath where most knives in this price range will give you a cheap cardboard like sheath but a knife as well and from all the knives I have seen in this price range you will have to go far to find a better one or even one that matches this quality for the price!

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