Tool Logic Survival Card I Review

Tool Logic Survival Card I Review

The Tool Logic Survival Card I is a barebones survival tool that gives you the essentials that you need. The small credit card size survival tool comes with a whistle, tweezers, toothpick, compass, 8 x magnifying glass along with a firesteel and knife.

Tool Logic Survival Card I ReviewTool Logic Survival Card IOne thing that I really liked was that Tool Logic thought out the design unlike some companies who just put out anything, they knew that if a person was to use the firesteel it will wear down and need to be replaced, so they have designed it so you can unscrew the firesteel module and easily change it out for a new one, so you don't have to buy the full tool only the part you need. I like when companies do this it means two thing one they are trying to make the product the best they can and they're not trying to rip you off making it so you need to buy a whole new tool when one part runs down. when it comes to tools like that I will not buy them again because I feel they should have told me this was the case and not sprung it on you after you buy the product!

Tool Logic Survival Card I ReviewWhen it comes to small tools like this one most people tend to think that they are not all that good or will fall apart easily, but I have to say I have been using this little tool for a while now and it's been very durable and reliable. The compass I wanted to see just how accurate it was, so I took two of my other compasses and tested them against the Tool Logic one. The two I used for testing are about $200 each so you can see they're considerably more money but every test I did the Survival Card was right on, as long as you keep it flat the reading can be off a little if the card is not held flat but this is the same for all compass.

Tool Logic Survival Card I ReviewThe knife in the Survival tool is small but with a very sharp blade and even has a striker on the back for you firesteel. The knife isn't bad when it comes to little task but if you should find yourself in need of doing something larger like building a shelter you will probably find this knife inadequate, after all it's just a emergency knife not a full survival knife.

The material in the card is a plastic but not just that cheap plastic you're thinking, it's really quite good and the toothpick in the kit is made from the same stuff and it's very strong. All the tasks I did with it there was no bending or deforming like Swiss army knife toothpicks do.

The whistle on this tool is built into the card and is just as loud as other survival whistles I have used in the past and works well. The whistle allows you to call for help and saving your voice when you're lost and this can be very important in a survival saturation. Another thing I really like is the firesteel lets you start a fire even if its soaking wet so you don't have to depend on matches that will not work or lighters that break and run out of fuel.

The compass works great for maintaining your course or finding one when you're traveling. The next feature you would really like is having not only one great pair of tweezers for getting splinters out but this also has a 8x magnifying glass which not only help to see them splinter, but can also be used on a sunny day to start a fire. I will have to admit when I first got the tool I didn't think much of it, but now that I have used it I would recommend it to the person who wants to have something compact that can really help if you get in trouble.

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