BlackHawk NIGHTEDGE Serrated Edge Review

BlackHawk NIGHTEDGE Serrated Edge ReviewI will admit, when I first thought of reviewing a knife from BlackHawk I was not sure what to expect. I know people who have and love them but I have never used one. I'm not one just to take someone's word for it. I wanted to see for myself if they were any good. So I called up the good people at BlackHawk and got one of their full size field knives - The NIGHTEDGE serrated edge.

BlackHawk NIGHTEDGE Serrated Edge ReviewWhen you open the box, the thing that strikes you most is the sheath. I do complain a lot about companies putting out crappy sheaths with their knives. I (and many others) feel that it's just disappointing and takes away from a quality knife, but BlackHawk has done it right with their Ballistic nylon sheath! Now there's a ton of companies who say 'ballistic nylon' but many are poor quality and the nylon is poor quality ballistic nylon. The BlackHawk sheaths that come with the NIGHTEDGEs are top quality.

BlackHawk NIGHTEDGE Serrated Edge ReviewThe sheath has a multiple mounting system on the back allowing you to mount your blade to anything from a tactical vest, backpack or even your belt with tie down cord for your leg to keep the knife from jumping around when you're on the go. There's one thing I need to point out. The retaining strap that holds the knife in the sheath may be a little lose but don't become disappointed because this strap is fully customizable because of the Velcro backing. You can adjust this strap to whatever way you want it, lose or super tight like I have mine.

BlackHawk NIGHTEDGE Serrated Edge ReviewThis is one hell of a sheath and it's definitely one of the better ones I have seen. There is one down side and that's the plastic insert. The knife tends to be loose and can wobble around but as a buddy of mine does with all his sheaths you can boil the sheath in water and the plastic will become pliable and mold right to the blade.

BlackHawk NIGHTEDGE Serrated Edge ReviewMake sure you take care not to put the knife back into the sheath when it's wet without drying it out totally. You could get rust on the knife because of the high carbon in the blade! On the front of the sheath, you will find a gear pocket for your multi-tool. This pocket has an adjustable velcro flap. You can move it around or even take it off all together to fit any tool you want to carry from multi-tools, flashlight or a pistol mag.


BlackHawk NIGHTEDGE Serrated Edge ReviewNow let's get to the knife! Although this knife was designed for fighting, you can easily use it as a field knife. The back of the blade is serrated but it's done right giving you a large spot right behind the serrations to pound on. If you find yourself needing to baton with this knife to cut wood or make kindling for a fire, this knife is ideal.



BlackHawk NIGHTEDGE Serrated Edge ReviewAnother bonus having the serrations on the back of the blade is being able to cut wood, ropes and do any utility task well, still keeping the primary blade sharp and ready for action, just in case you need it. Having the two sharpened edges makes for not just a good fighter but it doubles your ability to do tasks before the knife needs maintenance.



BlackHawk NIGHTEDGE Serrated Edge ReviewThe blade was designed by knifemaker, Allen Elishewitz. I have used a number of this man's designs and found them to be ideal for someone who needs a fighter but still wants the ability to have a knife that is tough enough to do tasks like chopping. As most know, many fighting knives are not up to the task of chopping or heavy work they tend to break but not these ones.


You can contribute this to the impeccable design by Mr. Elishewitz by allowing the blade to maintain it's thicker point by not grinding down the blade on both sides all the way to the end. It allows the blade to retain its rigidity and strength all the way from the handle to the tip, making it far better as a penetrator and tool than most other fighting knifes.

BlackHawk NIGHTEDGE Serrated Edge ReviewThe handle is a little slick but there are rubberized inserts that keep the knife from becoming too slippery to use and without them this knife would be very easily dropped. One of the features I like about the handle is its ability to hug the hand making it very stable in both forward and reverse grip. I really like the forward facing pummel that makes an ideal non-lethal option if the need should arise. The pummel also has a rounded point that has a hole for a lanyard for added grip.

Bottom line - this knife can be found online for as low as $104 bucks. For the quality of both the knife and sheath I totally recommend this knife. The high carbon steel blade is very good quality and the sheath will easily cost you 30 bucks alone. For around a hundred bucks it's well worth the money hands down!

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