CRKT SS7 Review

CRKT SS7 ReviewWhen I was doing some research on the SS7 by Columbia River Knife and Tool, the one thing I found was that there were very few reviews and even fewer that gave good detailed photos of the tool. I decided to do a review myself.

CRKT SS7 ReviewI was very intrigued when I first saw the knife because I like to make my own camping gear when I can. (Chairs, shelters) The tool looked perfect for tasks like woodworking in the field. The reason it looks so useful is its shape. If you have ever done any wood working, you know this tool resembles a large chisel very closely. The SS7 may look like a chisel but its far better. The blade of the knife has three cutting edges, large standard blade edge and a sloping flat chisel-like point along with a partly serrated back spine.

CRKT SS7 ReviewThe handle of the SS7 is far more durable and thicker than most photos you see of it on the net. In fact it's a quarter of an inch thick, which I don't have to tell you if you're dealing with knives - that's a whole lot of thick!



CRKT SS7 ReviewMost knives are far thinner and lighter so you can see this knife is made to do work! The handle is also slabbed on both sides with micarta (one of my favorite materials for knives because of its ability to be shaped in just about any way) and can also come coarse or like the SS7 smooth. On the back of the knife you will find your standard lanyard hole along, a very large bottle opener, which can double as a pry bar along and a small window punch!

CRKT SS7 ReviewOne of the up sides to having a double edge blade is you have the back edge where it can be used for those tasks where you would dull the knife. Still keeping the primary blade razor sharp for when it's really needed. This is a feature I really like but it has one drawback. You can't do batoning (well you can but you end up most of the time cutting both the piece of wood your trying to cut and the one you're using as a bat). The upside is if you ever find yourself needing to open something like a coconut, you can plant the blade into a stump and use the exposed point to crack open your meal! This can be a draw back because the knife is trickier to use because of all the sharpened edges but with a little practice it can serve you well!

CRKT SS7 ReviewThe sheath of the SS7 is a great one made of Kydex. It gives you lots of mounting points and it will hold the knife even if it's mounted upside-down. This is something you want to watch out for when buying a knife because many sheaths these days will not hold your knife tight enough. You could end up losing it so you need to watch out and only buy quality sheaths like this one. When you're looking for a knife that will be carried in the outdoors it may not seem like much but I have seen so many people with lanyards on their knifes and poor quality sheaths. When you're walking through the woods the lanyards can become caught and pull the knife right out of the sheath. Buying a quality sheath is just as important as a knife if you plan on keeping it.

CRKT SS7 ReviewAll in all I really like the SS7. It takes getting accustomed to having the whole knife sharpened on both the back and front. That can be undesirable to some but with practice it can become a very useful tool!




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