CRKT Triumph Folder Knife Review

img 1873The Triumph folder designed by Pat and Wes Crawford and manufactured by CRKT was one folder I took notice of when a friend WilliamCutting08 from YouTube did a review of it. After seeing the review I wanted to get one in to see just how great they were.




CRKT Triumph Folder Knife ReviewI'm becoming a big fan of CRKT after using some of there products and seeing that their quality blades and great pricing are just that quality at great prices. CRKT make many models that are great quality and are in the price range many people can afford a large amount of their knives come in around $50 to $150 and that's the price range I like to see when it comes to a quality folding knife.


CRKT Triumph Folder Knife ReviewThe Triumph is truly a remarkable folder for the money.The first part of the knife I want to talk about is the handle this handle is unlike any folder I have reviewed. When it comes to the slabs of the handle they are G10 but unlike any G10 I have seen before the best way to describe them is they feel similar to the bark of a spruce tree and when it comes to grip this knife has one of the grapiest handles I have ever used.


CRKT Triumph Folder Knife ReviewIt may be grippe but there is two down sides I have found to this knife and that is if you're wearing the knife in a pocket with fabric that is not super durable you will wear down the area where the knife is especially if you're carrying it as a EDC (every day carry) and it does get a little hard on the bare hand but that does diminish over time with wear and the grip will become more useable the more you use it.


CRKT Triumph Folder Knife ReviewBut if you are concerned with the over grippe handle I feel there is no need to worry all the knife needs is to be used like I have and I can already see the slabs becoming better on the hands and easier to use. The handle is outstanding when it comes to grip and I recommend gloves for the first little wile of used if you have delicate hands! The design of the handle is ideal with the deep finger grove they giving you a more secure grip when handling the knife and even works well in reverse grip too.

CRKT Triumph Folder Knife ReviewAnother nice feature of the knife would have to be the locking mechanism. This knife has a double lock which when the rolled steel rod snaps into place and the knife is deployed there is a second lock that will snap into place to keep the knife from accidently closing and this is used by many of the CRKT folders. I do like this system for locking the blade in place and its one of my favorite things about CRKT folders and I feel every folding knife should have it. The only down side to this design is it can be a little harder to closer with one hand but it can be done with some practice because I feel if I can do it anyone can!

CRKT Triumph Folder Knife ReviewNow for the blade it does have some draw back and that is the curved blade makes chopping a little challenging but because the knife was designed for tactical use as a fighting knife and for this it truly excels by the design of the blade putting the thumb right in line behind the point of the blade giving you much greater power when thrusting the knife into something. Even though the knife is kind of a tanto blade they have put there twist on it making it a far better penetrator then other tanto pointed blades because the point is set more forward and this allows you to get more blade in on the first hit allowing the blade to cut its self the rest of the way into whatever your trying to penetrate.

Everything I have done with this knife I have done with many folders prying, cutting, chopping but this one is one of the few I really felt would not fall part no matter how hard I worked it and for a knife that can be found for around between $80 to $150 there are very few folding knives that will hold up as well as this folder did for that price range!

All in all I really like the knife and I would have to put it in my top 10 it may be more beefier then some but I feel the weight is well worth it, seeing what the knife can do and the abuse it can take I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a affordable durable folder!

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