Blind Horse Knives Small Tiger Knapp Review

Blind Horse Knives Small Tiger Knapp ReviewAs a person who tries to save money and the environment any time I can from picking up peoples trash on the trail to recycle. When I seen the concept of the Tiger Knapp I loved it taking old saw blades that would go to waste and giving them a new life as knife was very cool to me. But like most people I was interested to see if the knife would be any good its sounds good but when it comes to doing and can be a whole different thing.

Blind Horse Knives Small Tiger Knapp ReviewOne thing you need not worry about is if you think your getting a used knife even though it's made from used saw blades after blind horse gets done cutting the blades into blanks with a laser/water jet then the knives are taking into the shop and shaped by hand and heat treated your getting a totally new product in fact the one I received had no sign of its previous life in anyway and for the money it's a steal!


Made In The USA
Steel : 4140
Shaping: laser/water jet cutter
Overall Size: 5 ¾ varies from knife to knife because had made
Cutting edge: 2 1/2"
Sheath: Kydex

Blind Horse Knives Small Tiger Knapp ReviewBlind Horse Knives Small Tiger Knapp ReviewWhen it come to using the knife I was impressed with how well it works for a little knife. The saw blades where made to cut stone so it's not surprising they are so good at cutting task on wood and thing like making dinner. One of the things that really struck me was that they were so strong this knife has no give to it or flex and stays remarkable sharp even with hard use. In looks I would have to compare it to CRKT bird and trout but far superior in every way. The Tiger Knapp is stronger made from better materials and even better shaped making it a ideal knife for small game and every day utility tasks.

Blind Horse Knives Small Tiger Knapp ReviewThe Tiger Knapp is primary a neck knife and as a neck knife its perfect they have done everything right when it comes to a knife you're going to want to carry all day around your neck. The sheath is not overly bulky and the knife when it's in the sheath is very secure in fact there is even a locking bolt which can be slid into place making sure no matter how active you are this knife is not going to come out of that sheath believe me I have tried everything and it will not budge and that is something you want in a neck knife because they are hanging upside down all the time and there is a very good chance they could fall out and you will not have them when you need them but this is the first one I have seen with this lock ensuring that your knife is going nowhere unless you want it too.

Blind Horse Knives Small Tiger Knapp ReviewAnother nice feature is that the knife is handmade so you're getting a knife that someone has taken the time to round every edge and make sure there are no sharp edges that will dig into your neck or skin when its being carried and this is not the case with some neck knifes I have used so it's nice to see one where they have taking the care and thought to perfect! Something to keep in mind too is this knife is not made from low quality materials and they are made with the highest of care unlike some big companies who just mass-produce crap blind horse puts out the very best for your money and for $40 bucks Canadian for a knife like this that's one hell of a great price!

Blind Horse Knives Small Tiger Knapp ReviewThe bottom line is would I buy this product? and I would have to say yes 100% for the kind of knife your getting and the top quality sheath it would make an outstanding EDC(every day carry) or a small survival knife for a ultra light kit adding a small sharpener to it and a firesteel your would have everything you need to start your kit off right!



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