TOPS Hoffan Harpoon Neck Knife Review

TOPS Hoffan Harpoon Neck Knife ReviewWhen I first looked into review the hoffman harpoon I will admit I was a little skeptic that it would make a good survival knife or even if it was any good at all. At first glance you may thing its just a small thin piece of steel but in fact this knife is very strong far stronger than I ever thought it would be. After doing some prying and small tasks I found that the tool was not only a great little survival knife but was far more then it first appeared to be.

The thickness of the hoffman harpoon and keep in mind that this one is the smaller of the two in the series was 3/16th which is far thicker than any neck style knife I have ever used. The thickness of the steel I feel is a must because of how thin the handle is when it comes to width you need the thicker steel to add the strength this tool needs to function in the way it was intended.

Blade Length: 2 1/2"
O/A Length: 8"
Cutting Edge: 2 1/2"
Thickness: 3/16"
Blade Color: Black Traction Coating
Steel: 1095 High Carbon Alloy RC-58
Sheath: Ballistic Nylon
Weight: 2.7oz
Weight w/ Sheath: 5.8oz

TOPS Hoffan Harpoon Neck Knife ReviewTOPS Hoffan Harpoon Neck Knife ReviewOne thing I was really worried about was the small blade when you deal with small blades like this under 3 inches which the harpoon comes in at 2 1/2 inches is that most small blades are not up to any hardcore tasks because they will bend and break but the Hoffman Harpoon is far stronger than any others in this weight class and can confidently take nearly any punishment within reason.

TOPS Hoffan Harpoon Neck Knife ReviewTOPS Hoffan Harpoon Neck Knife ReviewThe knife its self even with its small size makes a great survival knife because it's small and can be carried in any bag even a day pack and like we always say the best knife is the one you have on you at the time when you need it and being that small it will be carried more often than much larger knives that tend to be left home because of their weight. Cutting with the knife was way better than I thought it would be when the knife is held in the hand it feels just like any other small bladed knife I feel this is mostly in part to the great wrap they have done on the handle allowing to have a small handle to cut down on weight but with the paracord it bulks it up perfectly to fit in the hand so cutting task are not as hard on the hand as one would think.

TOPS Hoffan Harpoon Neck Knife ReviewTOPS Hoffan Harpoon Neck Knife ReviewAfter you receive the package your getting a lot more than just a knife in fact you're get a full survival kit in my opinion, your getting a magnesium fire steel a Lansky quick fix sharpener to keep the knife sharp in the field along with a case and even a military can opener which is one just I used for many years takes a little getting use to but is small, compact and light as well as even the handle of the knife can be taking off and because it's made of paracord your can take it apart making lashing for shelters or to use for traps and can even be used to lash the knife its self to a stick or spear to hunt or catch food.

TOPS Hoffan Harpoon Neck Knife ReviewTOPS Hoffan Harpoon Neck Knife ReviewIf you're not familiar with all that paracord can do your should read up on it without question it's the duct tape of ropes there is not too much it can't do! Two things I do want to say about the case is that is does come in a little bulky to carry around your neck and is not something I would wear every day under my shirt and the sheath plastic insert could have been a little better then it is being made of cheap plastic but as a survival tool kit I would welcome it any time in the woods!

TOPS Hoffan Harpoon Neck Knife ReviewI feel if your experienced in the woods this little kit gives you not only a small and compact kit but everything you need to makes shelter find and cook food and keep yourself alive until you find your way out or get help bottom line is for the size and weight and all the nice gear your getting with it I think it's well worth the money and if you're looking for a knife to build a small compact survival kit around this would be one to check out!



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