Tool Logic SL Pro Survival Knife Review

Tool Logic SL Pro Survival Knife ReviewI've been a big fan of survival multitools like this one but so many have been poor quality over the years and never have I seen one this good for a long time. Many companies put out tools like this but almost every survival tool like this I have used have all fallen apart but this one.

The Tool Logic SL Pro 2 is one of the best I have used for so many reasons. One is if you take apart the tool the knife is self contained and that's another great part about the tool it comes apart in two modules.

Razor Sharp 3" 50/50 Serrated Blade
• 420J2 Stainless
• Stainless Steel Handle Frame
• Tough, Zytel® Sleeve (nylon with glass fiber)
• One Hand Operation: Frame Lock
• Loud Emergency Signal Whistle
• Stainless Steel Pocket Clip and Lanyard Hole

Tool Logic SL Pro Survival Knife ReviewWhen you take out the flat head screw you can pull the two pieces apart making it easy to divide up the tool. On the backside of the knife there is a pull out flashlight and fire steel which is great for fire making and seeing what is around you.



Tool Logic SL Pro Survival Knife ReviewIf you should find yourself in the woods without light or a flashlight it can be hard to start a fire without being able to see if there is not moon out. The pull out flashlight part comes in three models one is the flashlight and a magnetic swivel so you can attach it to a car hood or anywhere that is made of steel and swivel it to the position you want. The other two is the firesteel like this one or sharpening steel.


Tool Logic SL Pro Survival Knife ReviewOver the years I have found it to be a must to carry some tools like a firesteel quality knife and a flashlight and this little kit has them all in one. But that's not all it also has a survival whistle so you can signal for help without having to wear down your voice calling out. The knife of the SL 2 is a partly serrated stainless steel blade that has been beveled on the backside as well so if you feel the need you can sharpen the back and make it a double edge. The knife is a frame lock which cuts down on weight not having to have a second bar for the locking mechanism and is very easy to use even for a first time user.

Tool Logic SL Pro Survival Knife ReviewThe blade of the knife can be a little small when it comes to large task and you will need to baton chips out of the wood to cut large or even trees that are 3 or 4 inches thick. But this all factors into being light weight for a survival tool any larger would make the tool cumbersome and bulky to carry in a small kit.



Tool Logic SL Pro Survival Knife ReviewThere is only one down side to this knife and that is the flashlight battery even thought the tool comes with both a main battery and even a spare which is unheard of these days after some looking on the net I was unable to see any site that sells them. But I am sure if you go down to your local shop they will be able to get them in but that's my point.



Tool Logic SL Pro Survival Knife ReviewThat can be a pain not being able to get one at any store so I would have to say the best uses for this tool would have to be emergency use. This flashlight was not made to be used everyday unless you have batteries for it or know where to get them on short notice they are kind of a specialty battery. But as a survival tool for a kit or as a survival tool for a backpacker who is only going to use it when it's needed it's ideal and is the one I would carry because of its light weight and quality!

Tool Logic SL Pro Survival Knife ReviewBottom line the ideal buyer for this knife would be the backpacker or an outdoorsman who wants to cut down on weight well still having all the survival tools you would find yourself needing if trouble should arise.




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