ESEE Knives Junglas Review

ESEE Knives Junglas ReviewAs a long time fan of the ESEE knives ever since they were Rat Knives I have been using there products and never have I had any problem with their knives. Out of all the brands of knives I have used over the years ESEE is one maker who excels when it comes to making top quality blades at prices all us outdoorsmen can afford.



ESEE Knives Junglas ReviewESEE Knives Junglas ReviewThe Junglas is a knife I have been waiting for ESEE to put out for a long time until now there has not been a large ESEE knife so I have had to use other like the RATK II which even though this knife is a older collaboration between RAT/ ESEE knives and Ontario knives it never was a perfect knife for me but I knew if ESEE was to produce a full size knife they would get it right and I was not disappointed.

ESEE Knives Junglas ReviewESEE Knives Junglas ReviewI will start with the sheath of the knife now this sheath is made of kydex but has features that you will not find on all knives like the locking system. If you have ever used kydex sheaths before you will know what I'm talking about not all of them are made to highest quality and both when they get old or are low quality your knife will stand a real good change of falling out and getting lost but the locking system ESEE has used on the Junglas sheath is the best I have ever seen.

ESEE Knives Junglas ReviewESEE Knives Junglas ReviewThere is a screw with two rubber washers that has a slide slot where you can slide the screw up and down to lock the blade into the sheath. Many have asked "but does it work" well I have taken the nylon backing off and even just using the tension and this locking system even when you turn the sheath upside down and try to throw the knife out it will not move and believe me I have tried you can't even pull the knife from the sheath until you slide this screw down this is a fantastic feature to lock the knife in the sheath and I will be looking for this with ever knife I buy in the future flawless, simple and reliable perfect in every way!

ESEE Knives Junglas ReviewESEE Knives Junglas ReviewThe rest of the sheath is made to very high standards with no skimping on rivets or workmanship ever corners is rounder and even a drain hole has been added to the bottom. The nylon part of the sheath is the place where your belt goes thru with two slots for your belt a quick release with Velcro and a more secure slot behind that and on the front of the nylon there is even a button strap for the handle of the knife but not like its needs it but why not. On the back of the sheath you will find a webbing system that will fit any of your MOLLE and PAL webbing you may have on your pack or kit so you can see they have thought of everything when it comes to mounting even the holes for the rivets can be used to thread paracord threw to stitch the sheath to your pack if you're not a fan of the nylon backing!

ESEE Knives Junglas ReviewESEE Knives Junglas ReviewThe Junglas is billed as a small machete but I feel it's much better than any machete I've ever seen. One reason is the weight machetes tend to be lighter and when it comes to cutting thru thick and dense wood they tend not to have the weight to do the job. But this is where the Junglas comes in by being heaver it can do the ESEE Knives Junglasjob not just as a machete but as a axe as well. A number of people have asked me which would I prefer to use in the wood s a large blade or a axe and without question I have to say a large knife like the Junglas. With a axe you get weight but when it comes to doing task like cutting brush and clearing trails a axe is nearly useless but with a large blade like the Junglas you can clear brush cut trails and slash your way through limbs over a inch thick with ease well still being able to do everything that a axe can do as well like cutting large trees just check out our video on the Junglas and see for yourself!

ESEE Knives Junglas ReviewESEE Knives Junglas ReviewThe blade of the Junglas is 1095 high carbon steel which is ideal steel for a survival knife giving your weight, power and durability to maintain the edge. With softer steels like stainless steel you need far more maintenance to keep a good edge like this blade has.This blade also has what's called a saber grind which gives you maximum edge strength well giving you're a very strong spine keeping the knife very strong well still having a smooth bevel on the edge so you don't get any binding on wood when doing them deep cuts.

ESEE Knives Junglas ReviewESEE Knives Junglas ReviewThe Handle of the Junglas is one of the biggest features for me when it comes to large knives the handles tend to be huge and very hard to use when you have a small hand like mine but with the Junglas the handle is just the right size and feels great in the hand even with my small hands. Some things to watch for when buying knives is to make sure they have a full tang like this knife does and let's just say I would never buy one unless it did have the full tang like all the ESEE knives do. ESEE has beveled the handle so that it almost hugs around the hand giving you far more control than other knives I have used in this class and the micarta is a much higher grade than any others I have tried.

ESEE Knives Junglas ReviewAnother thing I have to point out with the ESEE knives is there guarantee unlike any I have seen and this is a direct quote from their site "No Questions Asked Warranty If you screw it up, break it, or cut it in two with a cutting torch, send it back and we'll replace it" and that jus t about says it all when it comes to them standing behind there tools many companies say they will replace them but few will and even more will give you a huge runaround to do so but not ESEE they put it right in writing !

ESEE Knives Junglas ReviewIf you're looking for a large blade for the bush and you're wanted top quality and a price that will not cost you over $500 I would strongly recommend this blade it's the one I have been using and will use every time I go to the woods and I simply love it!



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